DoT Cargo Tank Testing

Reliable Services for DoT Cargo Tank Inspections

Are you looking for a reliable cargo tank testing service that can keep your tank compliant with Department of Transportation (DoT) regulations? White Tank & Truck Repair has you covered.  

DoT Cargo Tank Tests

Regardless of what you plan on transporting, all cargo tanks are required to be inspected and tested before they are filled with anything. Make sure your tank is ready for service with inspection and testing services you can trust. White Tank is an authorized cargo tank inspection facility that offers full-service tank tests and inspections. 

Our mechanics and inspectors work hard to keep you compliant with the standards set by the DoT. That means we perform all the necessary assessments, including cargo tank pressure testing, external visual inspection and testing, lining inspection, leakage testing, and thickness testing. We have the experience to perform these examinations on many make or model.

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White Tank & Truck Repair is here to keep you in compliance with our comprehensive inspection and testing services.

Federally Regulated Processes

The procedures that White Tank performs for your cargo tank are federally regulated. Our certified technicians follow all the rules detailed by the DoT when inspecting and testing your tank. If we find that your tank doesn’t measure up to expectations, there’s no need to worry. Our team can step in to repair it. We can then retest the tank to make sure it’s safe and ready for use.

Department of Transportation Testing and Inspection Requirements

Since your cargo tank is expected to hold hazardous materials, it needs to be able to hold those materials in a safe and secure way. That’s why the DoT requires your tank to go through a battery of inspections and tests. These procedures include:

  • External Visual Inspection (V) – Annual Test
  • Leakage Test (K) – Annual Inspection
  • Internal Visual Inspection (I) – Five-Year Test
  • Pressure Test (P) – Five-Year Test
  • Thickness Test (T) – Two-Year Test
  • Upper Coupler Inspection (UC) – Five-Year Test

Annual and Five-Year Inspections and Test

When you choose White Tank & Truck Repair, we can perform all of your yearly cargo tank inspections and tests to meet specifications from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). We perform your external visual inspection (V) in accordance with section 180.407(d) to inspect the external condition of your tank. We can also perform a leakage test (K) in accordance with section 180.407(h) to inspect the package and piping for leakages. 

Additionally, we can help you achieve your five-year certification requirements. We can perform every five-year test your tank needs to ensure its integrity and that it is in operational condition.

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