Truck Service & Diagnosis

Advanced Diagnostics for Better, More Efficient Truck Performance

White Tank offers comprehensive commercial vehicle diagnostics in the St. Louis area to solve your truck’s most complex electrical issues.

Truck Diagnostics Tests

The trucking industry is growing more complex. Today’s trucks are engineered with multiple electrical components, and a great deal of monitoring is involved for anything from wires and sensors to electronic control units (ECUs). That’s why you need White Tank & Truck’s truck diagnosis services. Our certified experts know how to ensure you get the most from your electrical system. 

Our technicians use the latest commercial vehicle diagnostic tools to help keep your truck’s electrical system in proper working order. So if you’re having trouble reading a semi-trailer ABS code, you can count on us to analyze the issue. White Tank‘s truck diagnosis eliminates the need for you to go through costly trial and error repairs or best-bet solutions.

Many signs indicate you should bring your rig to White Tank for truck diagnostics tests. Warning lights on the dashboard are among the most common, but unfamiliar sounds and smells are strong indicators you should bring your vehicle in for a truck diagnosis

We specialize in two forms of truck diagnostics tests for electrical systems:

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Testing

Your ABS system will tell you when there’s a fault on your truck or trailer, but unfortunately, it’s not always clear what those faults are. The issue could stem from either your electrical or mechanical system. Our intuitive truck diagnostic tools and equipment determine the source of the problem. Once our truck diagnosis services identify the problem, we follow up with necessary repairs or maintenance.

Truck Fault Testing

We help correct electrical failures and engine faults. Our team uses Freightliner and Paccar diagnostic software to help understand technical information and diagnose the issues that unfold under the hood. It doesn’t matter if you own a personal fleet of commercial vehicles or operate a service medium heavy-duty truck. White Tank is always ready to perform truck diagnosis services and repair your most significant issues.

Expert Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics

Whether your check engine light came on or unfamiliar error codes appeared, White Tank‘s truck diagnosis services are here to help. Reach out today to schedule your tank truck services.

Comprehensive Tanker Truck Maintenance

At White Tank, we pride ourselves on our ability to solve our customers’ most painful trucking problems. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation as a leader in trucking maintenance in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas. You can count on exceptional reliability and innovative solutions that get the best from every product with us.

With our “bumper to bumper” service program, you get:

  • The latest truck diagnosis software and tools
  • Tire and auto part procurement support
  • Testing and inspections for government compliance regulations
  • Safety and performance training

As your full-service truck diagnosis and service partner, we also perform any hazmat testing and DOT inspections and testing services your cargo truck needs to remain compliant.

35+ Years

As R-Stamp Specialists in the Greater St. Louis Area

Save Time and Money With Preventative Tanker Truck Maintenance

Ignoring error codes and diagnostic checks may save you a little time on a hauling trip or truck diagnosis fees in the short-term, but neglected trucks turn into budget-draining problems. White Tank‘s full-service shop provides preventative maintenance services for every major component of your commercial vehicle. In fact, we thoroughly examine over 20 of your truck’s interior and exterior parts and accessories. 

For nearly four decades, owner-operators, drivers, and fleet managers across the country have relied on White Tank for truck diagnosis and maintenance to keep their trucks in top condition. As an authorized distributor for the industry’s most trusted brands, we keep a large inventory of parts to quickly and expertly install them should you need to replace any component. 

Your truck is one of the most significant business investments you’ll ever make. White Tank‘s preventative maintenance helps ensure your truck reaches its entire expected service life, maximizing our return on investment. It also substantially reduces the need for repairs and replacements by addressing minor issues before they grow into significant, costly problems.

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