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Electrical Diagnostics Tests

As technology evolves, the trucking industry is growing more complex. Today’s trucks are engineered with multiple electrical components. From wires to sensors to electronic control units (ECUs), a great deal of monitoring is involved. To leverage the best from your electrical system, you need a team of experts who know how to handle repairs and codes. That’s where White Tank & Truck Repair can help.

Our technicians use the latests diagnostic tools to help keep your truck’s electrical system in proper working order. So if you’re having trouble reading a semi-trailer ABS code, you can count on us to analyze the issue.

We specialize in two forms of electrical diagnostic testing:

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Testing

Your ABS system will tell you when there’s a fault on your truck or trailer, but unfortunately, it’s not always clear what those faults are. The issue could stem from either your electrical or mechanical system. Our intuitive testing equipment helps us determine the source of the problem. Once we’ve identified the fault, we follow up with any necessary repairs and preventive maintenance.

Truck Fault Testing

We help correct electrical failures and engine faults. Our team uses Freightliner and Paccar software to help diagnose the issues that unfold under the hood. It doesn’t matter if you own a personal fleet of commercial vehicles or operate a service medium heavy-duty truck. White Tank is always ready to help troubleshoot and repair your biggest inefficiencies.

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Trucking Maintenance

At White Tank, we pride ourselves on our ability to solve our customers’ most painful trucking problems. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation as a leader in trucking maintenance in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas. With us, count on exceptional reliability and innovative solutions that can get the best from every product.

With our “bumper to bumper” service program, you get:

  • The latest diagnostic technology and tools
  • Tire and auto part procurement support
  • Government compliance
  • Safety and performance training
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Trust that your truck is in good hands and work with a technical workforce that knows the ins and outs of the truck service industry. With us, your semi truck’s electrical system will always be performing at a peak level.

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