Tank Truck Tank Repairs

High-Quality Tank Truck Repairs

Whether fixing a small crack or repairing an ASME code vessel, White Tank treats all repairs and modifications with equal importance.

High-Quality Tank Truck Repairs In Missouri

Looking for tank repairs for your bulk liquid storage tanks, dry bulk tanks, or fuel tanks? No matter what kind of tank truck you have, the experts at White Tank & Truck Repair are ready to assist you with getting your vehicle and equipment back in working order.

When it comes to tank truck repairs, time is of the essence. We understand that you rely on these trucks, so we work quickly and thoroughly to get your vehicle back on the road. We also offer a commitment to quality service. It’s important to us that we get the job done right, whether you have a minor problem or a major one.

With over 30 years of experience and commitment to professionalism, we have worked on all kinds of pneumatic and liquid trucks and kinds of equipment. Our skilled team members provide comprehensive repair services and routine maintenance, so you can keep your tank trucks in working order. With our services, your trucks will spend less time being repaired and more time on the road.

Find out more about our experience with tank repairs and the kinds of tank truck repairs we offer below. Or give us a call today to get started with an appointment.

Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Carrier System

We repair damaged areas to keep your tank looking as good as new.

Liquid Bulk Tank Repairs

At White Tank & Truck Repair, we take pride in doing a job right from start to finish. If your tank is ASME or DOT spec, White Tank can repair it. We understand that this is specialized work that takes specific training and certification to get the job done right, so all of our team members have the proper training and experience to ensure that bulk tank repairs are done correctly.

We offer comprehensive services that can fix nearly any issue with liquid bulk tanks, whether it’s a minor problem or a more significant one. Some examples of the many repairs we provide include weld repair of stainless and aluminum tanks, from bolster replacement to filling pits and gouges. We deliver top-quality tank shell and subframe repairs to many different sizes of tanks. Regardless of the truck or equipment at hand, we are ready to assist. If you have questions about the repairs we offer, we are happy to answer.

When it comes to repairs, our goal is to restore the integrity of your tank. Our team can handle any welding assignment for your aluminum tank. Not only do we excel at small piping repairs and maintenance, but White Tank can also manage the larger projects that call for removing tank shell sections.

Dry Bulk Tank Repairs

Dry bulk tanks perform special services in the tank truck industry. Repairs to dry bulk tanks must withstand high-pressure unloading while allowing for the product to fall smoothly to the bottom of the tank. Because of the complex nature of dry bulk tank trucks, you need to trust the company doing the repair job. White Tank & Truck Repair has worked on many dry bulk tanks over the years and has specific experience addressing the issue and needs of pneumatic tanks.

If your pneumatic tank needs a repair, White Tank can service it. Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about our experience or talk to us about the issue your dry bulk tank truck is having.

From major shell repairs to leaks in void areas, we’ll be there to provide full relief. Aluminum pneumatic tanks can fatigue over time. It takes experience to know how to make repairs that will last and continue the return on your investment.

Our line of responsibilities includes:

  • Welding bulkheads into tanks
  • Replacing side sections
  • Suspension support
  • Complete subframe rebuilds
  • Tank installations

Contact us today to learn more or to set up a maintenance visit for your dry bulk tank truck.

Fuel Tank Repairs

Just like with our broader liquid bulk tank repair services, we offer a commitment to thorough excellence for fuel tank repairs. Because of the nature of the material inside fuel tanks, it’s essential to go with a company that understands the intricacies and components of a fuel truck. We have extensive experience getting fuel tanks—and the trucks that carry them—back on the road. Fuel tank trucks deliver vital goods to places around the country, and they’re also essential to your operations. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing we will get your truck equipment operating smoothly and safely. Reach out today to learn more about our fuel tank repairs or to request a quote.

Tank Truck Services You Can Count On

There’s a reason White Tank remains R-Stamp certified year after year. We continue to refine the phrase “quality control.” With us, expect superior craftsmanship, expedient deliveries, and long-term efficiency. Whether it’s a steel or aluminum tank repair, you can always rely on White Tank to apply the best remedy.

Don’t go into a project unprepared. If a tank repair is on the horizon, let the professionals at White Tank make things easy for you. If you’ve already noticed an issue that needs to be addressed, we will handle it swiftly and get your tank truck back in order. Or, if you just want to stay on top of routine maintenance and avoid issues down the road, set up an appointment for a routine inspection.

For more information about our tank repair solutions, reach out today to book your free consultation! We have two conveniently located shops in Missouri, so call today to learn more or to set up an appointment.

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