White Tank supplies and installs the moving parts and accessories to keep your blowers operating at a high level.

We Make Tough Installations Easy

Installing a truck blower is a rigorous process, but the experts at White Tank & Truck Repair can handle it better than anyone else. Our team has decades of experience executing comprehensive installation projects for semi-trucks. Not only do we know the ins and outs of different trucking models, but we’re proficient at finding the right solution to help you get the best results from your fleet.

When your blower needs to be replaced, we go the extra mile to align the new system with your unique needs.

Once all the components and piping are properly attached, we install the PTO and driveshaft. Finally, we wrap up the project by properly testing the blower under full pressure load to ensure functionality. 

A blower connected to the bottom of a truck

Simplify Truck Loading and Unloading

Take advantage of a bulk truck unloading system from White Tank.

Dry Bulk Blowers and Liquid Bulk Compressors

To serve the unique demands of your fleet, White Tank provides a variety of truck blowers from the industry-leading manufacturer. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all trucking-related parts. As an authorized Gardner Denver distributor, we supply the highest quality products. Our team also carries an extensive collection of Dixon Bayco applications, silent mufflers, and vacuum equipment.

As an authorized Gardner Denver distributor, we supply the highest-quality products.

All of our products are fully tested and custom built to match your cargo system. Whether you’re transporting dry residue or more serious chemical matter, we’ll help get your fleet everything it needs.

Here are some of our notable pneumatic blower solutions:

Dry Bulk Solutions

  • CycloBlower Helical Screws
  • DuroFlow Rotary Lobe
  • D807/D907 Drum Lobes
  • HPD450/E490 Drum Vanes
  • CycloSaver Rotary Screws

Liquid Bulk Solutions

  • STP 125 Stainless Steel Food & Chemical Pumps
  • GD150/GD175 Radial Vane Drums
  • Drum SC200 Rotary Screws

Mobile Vacuums

  • RFL 60-102 Radial Vanes
  • RFW 150-260 Radial Vanes
  • Aqualine Liquid Ring

The Right Blower for the Right Price

When you’re ready to take advantage of the best industrial blower, White Tank can make the installation easy. Our high-tech truck loading automation system enables us to accommodate transfers for any tank, truck, or trailer. Whether it’s a replacement blower for an existing system or a complete remodel, we’re the trusted source for anything you need.

Is Your Truck Long-Overdue for a New Blower?

White Tank can help increase efficiency in your fleet by installing a turnkey Gardner Denver mobile system.

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