Eaton-Bezares PTO and Pump Equipment

White Tank & Truck Repair provides the best hydraulic equipment available through the international manufacturer of Eaton-Bezares USA.

White Tank & Truck Repair has proudly partnered with Eaton-Bezares USA to provide the best international hydraulic equipment for trucks and industrial vehicles. Check out the power take-off and pump equipment we have available through our renowned Spanish manufacturer.

Bezares’s USA Eaton PTO Equipment

White Tank & Truck Repair is your go-to option for top-of-the-line Eaton-Bezares power take-off equipment for all the major brands of industrial vehicles and trucks. We have partnered with Eaton-Bezares to provide our customers with rugged-designed equipment available on an international scale. All models of Eaton PTO equipment offer high technical performance, operating in the harshest applications or conditions.

Rear Mount

Rear-mount power take-off (PTO) products are designed to transfer power from a vehicle’s engine to a secondary device or system. Bezares’s PTO products available at White Tank are typically mounted on the rear of an automated transmission and are used to power various equipment such as blowers, dump bodies, and hydraulic pumps.

Several types of rear-mount PTO applications are available, including hydraulic pumps, air compressors, and mechanical drives. Each class is designed to transfer power in a specific way and is suited to different applications. Check out our rear mount line today.

Standard 6-8 Bolt

Eaton-Bezares’s PTO equipment uses a 6- or 8-bolt mounting pattern, which allows the technology to be easily installed on various vehicles. One of the main benefits of standard 6/8 bolt PTOs is their versatility. White Tank & Truck Repair provides equipment suitable to various trucks, buses, and off-road machinery and can be easily adapted to different applications.
In addition to their versatility, standard 6/8 bolt PTOs are also known for their durability and reliability. They are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy use and are typically built with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance.

Heavy Duty PTO

In need of machinery beyond standard power take-off equipment? White Tank has you covered with heavy-duty PTOs. Heavy-duty PTO equipment utilizes mechanical drives, which transfer power through a mechanical linkage with a more robust drive gear and bearings. Heavy-duty Bezares’s PTO machinery offers several benefits to businesses, including increased productivity and efficiency, reduced operating costs, and improved safety. White Tank provides this essential component of many vehicles and is widely used in various industries, including construction, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Rear Clutch Shift

Bezares provides the largest variety of applications available for automated transmissions on the market. We can match your PTO application with Bezares’s PTO line.

Are you looking for reliable and efficient hydraulic solutions for your industrial equipment and vehicles?

Give White Tank & Truck Repair a call today for the best Eaton-Bezares PTO and pump equipment.

Bezares’ USA Eaton Pumps

Are you looking for powerful pumps and motors for your industrial equipment and vehicles? Look no further than the hydraulic solutions we have available at White Tank & Truck Repair.

Piston Pump

Piston pumps are fluid pumps that use reciprocating pistons to move fluid through a cylinder. Eaton-Bezares’s piston pumps are known for their high efficiency and can operate at a wide range of flow rates and pressures. Available at White Tank, the simple design is easy to maintain, which makes piston pumps a popular choice in many industrial and commercial applications.

Piston Motor

White Tank provides rigorous quality control for compact vehicles with Eaton-Bezares’ piston motors. Piston equipment even features reduced noise and vibration technology.

Gear Pump

White Tank offers gear pumps in bronze and nodular cast iron for high working pressures. You can find the full listing of gear pumps here.

Vane Motor

Eaton-Bezares’s vane motors offer a wide range of flow rates, shafts, and flanges. White Tank & Truck repair has the MF4D and MD4C vane motor models available today.

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