Tank Truck Services

Comprehensive Tank and Semi Truck Repairs for St. Louis, MO, and Surrounding Areas

From certified tank truck repairs to highly accurate weights and measures inspections, White Tank & Truck Repair provides industry-leading services that keep your truck on the road.

The Complete Tank Truck Services at White Tank

White Tank & Truck Repair is committed to preserving and improving the condition of our customers’ tank trucks. We operate at a level of proficiency that other tank truck service providers can’t match. Our wash, welding, tank truck repair, and other services also provide value and long-term solutions. We are a team of dedicated, experienced technicians, many of whom are certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

We take pride in serving as more than a group of mechanics who provide tank truck services. White Tank is a team of problem solvers who work tirelessly to improve every aspect of your tank truck.

Protect Your Truck, Your Tank, and Your Time

Schedule your tank truck services with White Tank to keep your truck on the road and out of the shop. Whether you need a tank truck repair or want to keep your truck in top condition with preventative maintenance, we have solutions for you.

Our Comprehensive Tank Repair and Maintenance Services

As ASME R-Stamp tank truck service specialists, our technicians are trained and experienced in minimizing safety risks with flawless repairs, routine maintenance programs, and cutting-edge equipment.

Blower Service

We rebuild tank blowers and vacuum equipment with genuine Gardner Denver parts. If your blower isn’t working as it should, White Tank performs a thorough inspection to determine the source of the problem. Our team can then make the necessary repairs according to the truck’s tolerances. We even mount the fixtures and perform vital routine maintenance to ensure they operate correctly.

Electric Blower Package

When the time comes to replace your truck-mounted pneumatic blower with a more cost-effective and efficient electric blower package, White Tank is here for you. Our electric blower packages use air pressure to offload dry bulk off your truck while lowering the amount of torque caused by the cargo.

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Preventative Maintenance

From the valves to the cargo tank, every part of your truck plays a vital role in a smooth delivery or pickup. Among White Tank’s most essential tank truck services is preventative maintenance. Our experts thoroughly inspect your truck for leaks, punctures, defects, or inefficiencies. We quickly remedy all minor issues and perform efficient and effective tank truck repairs for more extensive problems.

Tank Repairs

Whether you use your cargo tank to haul dry or liquid bulk, your tank needs to be in pristine condition to protect the integrity of its contents. White Tank is an all-inclusive source for welding and tank truck repairs. We perform critical reconstruction services inside and outside of steel and aluminum tanks.

Weights & Measures

In addition to servicing trucks, we also address service fuel meters. Our team performs annual inspections and repairs to red-tag meters, keeping you compliant with the regulations that govern the industry. If you can’t make it to our shop, we travel to local airports and bulk plants to repair meter systems. White Tank can handle your meters’ electronic programming and fuel storage to ensure accurate readings.

Tank Wash

Our exterior and internal tank truck services include tank washes for dry and liquid tanker products in our Sani-mantic CIP facility. We’re experienced with all types of bulk, including flour, starch, sugar, yeast, chocolate, alcohol, and plastic. Have food-grade cargo that requires special attention? Our experts are Kosher-certified professionals. We can also expedite internal washes with a two-hour dry time if you need quick service.

Welding Services

Working with an R-Stamp-certified team is essential when your tank truck repair requires welding services. White Tank’s team of welding experts are ASME certified, meaning your tank is treated according to the precision, safety, and quality standards required to deliver the performance you expect from your tank and pressure vessels. Don’t risk the unnecessary danger and costs associated with unqualified workmanship.

Pneumatic System Maintenance

White Tank is here when you’re away from your fleet’s service center and need pneumatic system maintenance or repairs. We’ve built a reputation as the most reliable semi-truck repair in St. Louis and surrounding areas. Our pneumatic system maintenance services include blower system, pneumatic trailer, and pressure tank services performed by attentive experts who ensure your pneumatics meet all specifications and tolerances.

Proven Tank Truck Services You Can Trust at White Tank & Truck Repair

White Tank’s tank truck services accommodate any product, schedule, or solution your truck, system, or tank requires. When you work with us, you get the right truck parts and the tank truck repairs and maintenance you deserve. If you’re interested in a one-of-a-kind service, reach out today to schedule your semi-truck repair in St. Louis and surrounding areas.

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