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The experts at White Tank & Truck Repair execute honest and courteous service on mobile positive displacement pumps throughout Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas.

Inspections and Rebuilding

White Tank’s blower truck services are faster and more efficient than any manual application. Our highly skilled technicians specialize in everything from truck installations to preventive maintenance. We service the entire line of Gardner Denver mobile transport blowers. We prove each rebuild in our test room.  None of our rebuilds make it back to your truck without passing rigorous testing up to operating pressure and temperature. 

White Tank’s blower truck services are faster and more efficient than any manual application.

First, we check the tolerances to determine the condition of the blower. If it’s rebuildable, we make the necessary repairs and assemble the blower with Gardner Denver genuine parts.

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Protect the Integrity of Your Pneumatic Blower

Take advantage of an industrial service catered to your needs.

Critical Rotor Timing and Truck Mounting

The two most critical aspects of blower operation are rotor timing and proper truck mounting.  Rotor timing is critical to the final assembly of a blower.  It can make all the difference in longevity and efficiency of blower life.  Trust our highly-skilled tech’s to properly set rotors to deliver the most air for each revolution.  

Truck mounting can and will make all the difference.  We ensure smooth shaft operation and make sure the blower speed is set for success.  We can supply all the components you need to make this installation quick and easy. Once all the suction and discharge valves, hoses, and fittings are in place, we test the blower under load to ensure everything is working properly. 

Keep your truck’s blower in check.
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Our goal is to keep your fleet in optimal shape for as long as possible. With us, you have a team committed to saving you money on timely tank trucking services.

The Right Mobile Vacuum Pump Service Is One Call Away

At White Tank, we won’t stop until your blower is at its best. Whether you need new parts or a re-fresh of your old system. , we’ll be there to provide the most fitting solution. With us, you have access to the highest quality products from Gardner Denver. Whether you’re hauling liquid or dry bulk, our experts are here to make sure you have the proper equipment to help simplify the way you manage the material. 

Want a better, more efficient blower for your truck or trailer? Eager for something at a flexible price? These are real possibilities when you work with White Tank. Call us today to take advantage of the solution that makes the most sense!

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