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White Tank & Truck Repair proudly serves Missouri, Southern Illinois, and Kansas with comprehensive tank trucking support.

Your Trusted Source for Repairs, Hazmat Testing, Tank Installs, and More

It’s frustrating when you have to deal with mechanical issues related to your truck, especially when you’re on a tight deadline. What do you do when something breaks down abruptly? You’d probably go to the nearest truck stop, but that can be expensive. The experts at White Tank & Truck Repair work tirelessly to prevent you from running into these troubles. Our team treats your vehicle with hours of quality work so it’s always in peak form. 

With our main office centrally located in Belleville, IL, we continue to break the mold as an exclusive source for tank and trucking support in Missouri, Southern Illinois, and Kansas. We welcome the challenge of serving any size fleet. Together, our team works with you to find a cost-effective solution for your recurring needs. 

Testing and Diagnostics

White Tank specializes in various types of hazmat testing. From annual assessments to five-year inspections, we help identify faults in your tank and keep your vehicle safe for the road. We also perform ultrasonic thickness tests to help gauge the integrity of your cargo system. And we also handle electrical diagnosis and maintenance to boost the way your vehicle operates.

Tank Truck Services

The White Tank team takes the term “quality control” to another level. As R-Stamp specialists, our technicians are trained to minimize safety risks with flawless repairs, routine maintenance programs, and cutting-edge equipment. We rebuild PD truck blowers with genuine parts,  remedy red-tag meters, perform maintenance on valves and pumps, and even wash the interior and exterior of tanks.

PTO Shaft and Vane Pump Services

White Tank’s Belleville, IL, location is the only PTO shaft service provider for over 200 miles. If you’re experiencing problems, don’t risk getting stranded. Our expert vane pump technicians quickly review and diagnose your issues to provide fast and effective solutions. 

Tired of Searching Aimlessly for a Truck Part?

 Save yourself the trouble and work with the team with the best inventory.

An Exclusive Source for Gardner Denver Products

Gardner Denver has been an industry-leading manufacturer of motor blower transport equipment for over 150 years. White Tank has been the region’s leading source for mobile transport solutions for over 30 of those years. From top-of-the-line blowers and vacuum pumps to air compressors and fluid transferring technology, we have everything you need to boost the performance of your vehicle. 

Whether it’s dry or liquid bulk equipment, mobile vacuums, or hydraulics, White Tank helps support your fleet with its most critical components. And unlike other suppliers, we don’t keep you waiting long for your parts. We sell all pumps, blowers, and accessories manufactured in a centrally located in Sedalia, MO. This allows us to deliver your order in a matter of days. 

30+ Years

Superior Tank and Trucking Solutions

A Centralized Partner for You

White Tank constantly strives to enhance your ability to transport items. It doesn’t matter if you own one truck or an entire fleet. When we’re in your corner, we provide a professional service that leaves a lasting impact. If your distribution channel runs through the Greater St. Louis area, give us a call and we’ll help get your vehicle in peak form.

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