Hazmat Testing for Cargo Tanks

Keeping Cargo Tanks Compliant Since 1988

Hauling hazardous liquids or gas? Chemicals? White Tank specializes in keeping tank packages compliant and safe.

Full-Service Hazmat Tests for Cargo Tanks

White Tank & Truck Repair is a company that prioritizes safety. Our experts work tirelessly to keep cargo tanks and truck drivers safe and secure. Since 1988, we’ve prided ourselves on being the go-to source for all CDL hazmat tanker tests

We perform all necessary cargo tank inspections to ensure your vehicle is properly equipped for the road. The cargo tests we perform are federally regulated and executed by a crew of certified professionals. If your tank does not meet any of the required standards, we make sure it’s repaired and retested before it can become available for service again.

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Is Your Tank Due for HM Testing?

Take advantage of a hazmat test and make sure your vehicle is compliant.

Annual Inspections

Every year, we perform an external visual (V) test in accordance with the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s (PHMSA) part 180.407(d) to inspect the external condition of our customers’ cargo tanks. We also perform a leakage test (K) in accordance with part 180.407(h) to inspect the package and piping for leakages. These specific tests verify the carrier is safe and durable enough to transport liquid bulk material. 

Additionally, we perform any necessary vapor testing to ensure the cargo’s environment is in the proper setting. While other facilities might take a week to start the job, the White Tank team can perform annual tests and inspections by appointment in just a couple of hours. Just call, make an appointment, and relax in our lounge as our experts get your vehicle in shape. 

While other facilities might take a week to start the job, the White Tank team can perform all annual inspections by appointment.

Five-Year Inspections

White Tank also specializes in compliance with CFR 180.407(c) inspection dates. This ensures you remain in compliance while protecting the integrity of your tank. Internal visual inspections and pressure tests must be performed every five years.  

Our team can perform both these inspections safely in our shop. We de-gas and check for safe O2 (oxygen) levels before entering any tank. We can safely perform pressure tests for tanks up to MC331 specs.

Thickness Testing

If your tank requires a thickness test every two years, you want the best equipment and most experienced inspectors available. We use a special echo/echo ultrasonic thickness tester that can test through paint if needed. We also have inspectors who have years of experience in gauging and reporting on structural integrity. 

White Tank can assess structural integrity and perform inspections.

If you want to make the hazmat testing process quick, easy, and stress-free, you should work with experts who put safety at the forefront. Contact White Tank today to book your next inspection and tank trucking service!

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