TITAN Fuel Tanks

Industry-leading high-capacity aftermarket fuel tank distribution, sales, and installation.

Since 1988, White Tank & Truck Repair has provided the trucking industry with the highest quality repair, installation, and maintenance services. We are proud to include the TITAN Fuel Tanks brand of aftermarket extra-large capacity tanks to our list of partners.

TITAN Fuel Tanks for Gas Trucks

When it comes to over-the-road transportation, one thing’s for sure—the fewer stops you make, the quicker you get where you need to be. And the quicker you get to a job site, the sooner you can get to the next one. If you want to increase profits, cut down on travel time, and control fuel costs, you need a high-capacity TITAN fuel tank for your gas truck.

White Tank & Truck Repair is a proud distributor of TITAN Fuel Tanks’s industry-leading aftermarket high-capacity replacement tanks for pickup trucks. TITAN tanks are the most durable, well-crafted tanks on the market today.

If you’re looking to save time by reducing the number of gas station stops you need to make in your diesel pickup, turn to White Tank for our TITAN fuel tank installations. In just a short time, we’ll have your truck back on the road and carrying extra fuel.

Along with TITAN aux fuel tanks, White Tank & Truck Repair offers a large selection of TITAN products, including:

  • Truck bed fuel tanks
  • XXL replacement tanks
  • Travel Trekker in-bed aux systems
  • Trail Trekker
  • Sidekick tanks
  • Spare tire tanks
  • Cab and chassis tanks
  • In-bed transfer and aux tanks
Titan Fuel Tanks logo over a customized truck hauling other vehicles

What Sets TITAN Fuel Tanks Apart?

Quite simply, TITAN aftermarket tanks outperform and outlast other replacement tanks for diesel trucks. They’ll be the first to tell you, their tanks aren’t the cheapest, but they are the best. Because TITAN fuel tanks are made of cross-linked military-grade polymer, they stand the test of time.

TITAN tanks are so durable they require virtually no maintenance and are backed with a lifetime warranty. When you install a TITAN, you have the comfort of knowing your new tank won’t delaminate or corrode from diesel fuel. There is never a concern about welds splitting when traveling over rough terrain, either.

When it comes to controlling fuel costs, TITAN and White Tank have you covered. Because they are made of polymer, TITAN fuel tanks are lighter, lowering your hauling weight. We can also install them in areas that metal tanks just don’t fit. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about condensation issues, meaning all your gas goes to the fuel line.

Interested in saving time by carrying extra fuel?

Reach out to White Tank & Truck Repair to learn more about Titan Fuel Tanks sales and installation services.

TITAN Aux Fuel Tanks

White Tank & Truck Repair offers streamlined installation of TITAN aux fuel tanks. They are made of the most rigid materials and securely fit under your pickup, much like the original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) fuel tank.

TITAN designed their aux tanks to utilize the original sending unit, requiring no modifications during a White Tank install. These TITAN fuel tanks are available in numerous makes and models, including:

  • Chevy
  • Dodge
  • GMC
  • Ford
  • GM
  • Nissan

TITAN Truck Bed Fuel Tanks

Titan’s truck bed fuel tanks add 52 gallons of capacity for short bed trucks and 90 gallons of fuel capacity to almost any full-sized trucks. Even better, the innovative design allows room for toolboxes and other essential equipment. White Tank easily installs truck bed fuel tanks to limit the time you spend in the shop.

Far side view of white pickup pulling a trailer
View of a white pickup driving down the road

TITAN Fuel Tank Accessories

Along with their best-in-market replacement tanks, TITAN also offers various accessories to maximize the performance and efficiency of their products. As a trusted distributor, White Tank has access to its entire line of parts and accessories.

The accessories they offer have both universal and brand-specific applications. For certain TITAN fuel tanks, a sending unit adapter is necessary. They also provide fuel line extension kits designed to meet the specific requirements of Ford and Dodge trucks.

Short bed and long bed diesel pickup trucks require specifically sized and designed tanks to fit correctly. White Tank ensures your new high-capacity tank fits precisely by supplying and installing adaption kits made for various truck makes and models. If your Dodge Mega short-bed pickup doesn’t have a factory skid plate, we have a front “S” support accessory to address the issue.

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