Eaton-Bezares’s Hydraulic Valves, Adapters, and Oil Tanks

White Tank & Truck Repair provides the best hydraulic valves, adapters, and oil tanks through the international manufacturer of Eaton-Bezares USA.

White Tank & Truck Repair has partnered with Eaton-Bezares, a Spanish-based, worldwide manufacturer of industry-leading hydraulic power equipment. Find more information below for our hydraulic valves, eaton adapters, and hydraulic oil tanks.

Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic valves play a crucial role in the operation of trucks and other heavy machinery. They control the flow of hydraulic fluid, which is used to power various systems such as the brakes, transmission, and lifting mechanisms. System control is vital when the truck needs to perform a specific task, such as lifting a load or stopping quickly. Our hydraulic valves at White Tank & Truck Repair provide precise and accurate control over the fluid flow.

Outlined below are a few hydraulic valve models from Eaton-Bezares that can be provided by White Tank:

Tipping Valve

Tipping valves are used on trucks and other heavy industrial equipment to allow the operator to control the flow of materials being transported by the vehicle. These hydraulic valves control the flow of a wide range of materials, including liquids, granular materials, and bulk solids. Tipping valves are used to control a hydraulic system when space is limited. The operator can control material flow by activating the hydraulic system using a control panel or other input device.

Check out the BZDP 180 tipping valve available at White Tank today.

Pneumatic Diverter Constant Opening Valve

Our pneumatic diverter opening valve is available in pusher or puller versions.

If you need reliable hydraulic solutions, look no further than White Tank & Truck Repair, the U.S. distributor of the best operating power equipment. Give us a call today to provide the best hydraulic valves and more for your industrial equipment.

Eaton Adapters

Hydraulic adapters are components that are used to connect hydraulic lines or hoses in industrial vehicles. Hydraulic adapters play a crucial role in industrial vehicles and equipment operation by allowing the transfer of hydraulic fluid from the vehicle’s pump to the various components. Connecting the different hydraulic lines and hoses in machinery without adapters would be difficult, significantly reducing its functionality.

Listed below are a couple of our Eaton adapter models available from Bezares USA at White Tank & Truck Repair.

Heavy Duty Reverse Adapter

White Tank’s heavy duty adapters are perfect for reversing pump rotation in any system, also available in the output flange version.

4 Bolt Adapter

Our four-bolt model is fit to install bolt pumps on PTO machinery with standard outputs.

Hydraulic Oil Tanks

Hydraulic oil tanks are an essential component of industrial vehicles and equipment that rely on hydraulic systems. These tanks store and supply the hydraulic fluid that powers machinery, enabling the vehicle or equipment to operate properly. White Tank provides hydraulic oil tanks that supply quality fluid, and can also filter and clean the fluid as it is being used. Check out a few of our offerings:

Saddle Mount

White Tank’s aluminum saddle mount oil tanks are available for special order, come with brackets, and mounting hardware. We also have additional hydraulic oil tanks available in the side mount and upright models.

Choose White Tank & Truck Repair: An Industry-Leading Provider of Hydraulic Power Equipment

Since 1988, White Tank & Truck Repair has served the Missouri, Southern Illinois, and Kansas areas to provide the best solutions for tank-based trucks. We are a family owned and operated company with the experience to boost the quality of our client’s tank trucking devices, which is why we partnered with Eaton-Bezares to provide industry-leading hydraulic solutions. Contact our experts for hydraulic valves, adapters, oil tanks, and more.

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