Electric Blower Package

A Cost-Effective Blower Solution

If you’re in the Missouri, Illinois, or Kansas area, rely on White Tank & Truck Repair to replace your truck-mounted pneumatic blower with an effective electric alternative.

Electric Blower

When the time comes to empty the dry bulk off of your truck, you’re going to need something that can help push that bulk out. This is the job of the silo blower—it uses air pressure to create positive displacement that allows for easy unloading of materials. While gas-powered truck-mounted blowers are convenient, they are often expensive to operate, high maintenance, and have a short service life. 

To solve these problems, White Tank & Truck Repair offers a more effective alternative. Instead of running on gas, our blowers run on an electric motor. Our electric motor blower package is a cost-effective solution that gets the job done. Not only are these blowers cheaper to operate than their truck-mounted counterparts, but they also require less maintenance and last longer.

Additionally, with a battery-powered blower, you can lower the amount of torque caused by the load and eliminate the drive shaft and drive-line. As a result, there’s less stress placed on the blower itself, which helps with longevity. This also helps the blower operate more consistently.

Gardner Denver Stainless Steel Blower Filters

Choose a Better Blower Solution

Our electric blowers are specifically designed to convey materials like cement, flour, plastics, and other dry bulk materials in a more cost-effective and efficient way.

Customization Options

At White Tank & Truck Repair, we understand our customers have unique business needs. That’s why when you come to us, we provide customization options to make sure your blower solution meets your expectations. In addition to your electric blower package, our team can perform various related services for you, including:

  • Building a metal stand for the tool.
  • Making sure the blower is aligned.
  • Connecting the blower with the motor.
  • Attaching pipe to the blower (we can put any type of pipe on it).
  • Installation of temperature and pressure sensors.

Blower Services

White Tank & Truck Repair offers all the services you need to keep your blower in good condition. Our technicians are highly trained and capable of providing service for the entire line of Gardner Denver mobile transport blowers. As your partner, we can perform a blower rebuild and inspect the device in one of our test rooms.

Rotor timing is critical for proper blower functionality as it can affect the blower’s longevity and efficiency. Leveraging our experience, our team makes sure your rotors are set to deliver the most air for each revolution. After that, we can mount the finished blower onto your truck

Protect the Integrity of Your Blower

If you ever have an issue with your blower, bring it in to White Tank & Truck Repair. Our technicians are always ready to provide world-class service.

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