Pneumatic Blower Repair

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Your pneumatic blower, also known as positive displacement (PD) blower, is an important part of your vacuum truck. It allows the driver to load and unload dry bulk materials like cement, powders, pebbles, and sand from the tank. You wouldn’t be able to transport dry bulk materials without a pressure system like this. Since this is the case, this component needs to stay in good condition at all times.

Pneumatic Blower Repair

Pneumatic blower systems are known for being proficient in transferring powders and granules. These systems work by using a mixture of pressure and air to move materials through a line or pipe to a collection receptacle. They are one of the best types of pressure systems for this type of work. But, no matter how good pneumatic blowers are at their job, they aren’t impervious to damage.

Rather than patiently wait until your blower fails and pay for a replacement, you could save money and frustration with PD blower repair and preventative maintenance. For pneumatic blower repair in St. Louis, White Tank & Truck Repair is here for you. We perform inspections, rebuilds, rotor timing, and proper truck mounting.

Preventative Maintenance

A pneumatic blower is an investment, as is every other piece of equipment critical to helping you complete your daily workflows. Treat it well with preventative maintenance from a trusted provider like White Tank & Truck Repair. This is a service that’s focused on maintaining the component and keeping it functioning at optimal performance. Through preventative maintenance, you can greatly extend the service life of this device.

Other benefits preventative maintenance provides include:

  • Better Efficiency: When a blower is brand new, it works flawlessly. As it gets older, however, it can lose its efficiency. This means it may take longer to complete its job, eating up your valuable time in the process. Preventative maintenance can help the system stay near peak efficiency for longer.
  • Prevent Deterioration: When a blower develops a small problem, it can be tempting to ignore it if it doesn’t affect operations. However, that small problem can quickly turn into a big problem if not taken care of in a timely fashion. The last thing you want is to have to pay for a major repair.
  • Avoid Significant Repairs: Although blowers are far from being complex machines, they’re still rather expensive to replace. While replacement may, at times, be unavoidable, it can usually be prevented with regular maintenance. 
  • Maintain Resale Value: There comes a time when you may have to make a decision on whether or not to sell your blower. By investing in preventative maintenance, you can preserve its value when it comes time to sell it or trade it in.
  • Safety: If your blower doesn’t receive regular maintenance, it can affect how the equipment operates. An unpredictable blower presents a danger to anyone using it and can result in an preventable workplace injury.

What’s in a Preventative Maintenance Plan?

Throughout this blog, we’ve talked about the importance of preventative maintenance for pneumatic blowers, but what’s included in a maintenance plan? It may differ depending on the provider you work with, but with White Tank & Truck Repair, you can expect:

  • Debris removal 
  • Electrical wiring checks 
  • Hose inspections for cracks or holes
  • Rotor timing check
  • Truck mounting inspection
  • Hydraulic fluid testing and replacement
  • Hydraulic filter changes
  • Belt tension check
  • Hydraulic system flush

Pneumatic Repair

When there are problems that can’t be fixed with simple maintenance, repairs may be needed. At White Tank & Truck Repair, our team has the knowledge and experience to perform repairs for the entire line of Gardner Denver mobile transport blowers. We can rebuild your system and put it through its paces to ensure it’s ready to handle the stress of your everyday tasks.

Protect the Integrity of Your Pneumatic Blower

There’s no need to Google “pneumatic blower repair near me” when you have White Tank & Truck Repair. We provide pneumatic blower service that’s faster and more efficient than any manual application. Our highly skilled staff specializes in this area and is capable of doing everything from installations to preventative maintenance. 

If you would like to know more about preventative maintenance or repairs for pneumatic blowers, contact us today!