Improve Your Ride With Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostics

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Heavy-duty truck diagnostics are an essential part of a proactive maintenance plan. Semi-truck services improve the performance, efficiency, and service life of your tank truck.

What Are Class 8 Truck Diagnostics?

Diagnostics tests are an essential part of semi-truck services. Heavy-duty truck diagnostics are used to monitor the electrical systems and ensure they are working correctly. Today’s trucks are more complicated as technology has evolved. More and more electrical components are engineered into semi-trucks. Keeping track of hundreds of sensors, various electrical control units, and tens of thousands of troubleshooting codes can be overwhelming.

A team of experts should be trusted to perform any maintenance and translate codes to ensure your electrical system is running efficiently. Up-to-date truck scan tools pinpoint areas not in proper working order, allowing focused repairs.

Heavy-duty truck diagnostics can be broad or focused on specific areas. When having a semi-truck service performed, there are two standard diagnostic tests.

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Testing

Keeping your braking system in full working order is essential. The problem is that issues with the anti-lock brake system can be challenging to detect. By the time a driver can detect a problem or the dashboard light pops up, it’s often gone beyond a small fix. Heavy-duty truck scan tools can detect a problem before it becomes a critical issue. Unfortunately, if you’re not up to date on diagnostic tool readings, you may know there is an issue without knowing what it is or how to fix it. Experienced professionals can identify any faults, electrical or mechanical, and provide solutions.

Truck Fault Testing

Commercial truck diagnostic tests can also be utilized to focus on electrical failures and engine faults. Heavy-duty scan tools diagnose issues under the hood, like engine transmissions. Ensuring your engine is running most efficiently is the key to staying on the road. Truck fault testing should be part of a routine preventative maintenance plan.

White Tank & Truck Repair provides industry-leading diagnostics for better, more efficient truck performance.

Stay on the Road With Semi Truck Services

Proper maintenance goes beyond class 8 truck diagnostics. The latest diagnostic technology and tools, partnered with other semi-truck services, ensure efficiency, reduced repair costs, and extended service life. To keep your tank truck performing at its peak, you should consider routine maintenance on the following parts.

Blower Service

Truck blowers use pressure systems to load and unload dry bulk materials from tanks. If your blower isn’t operating correctly, an inspection can determine the root of the problem. Checking tolerances helps determine the condition of a blower. Based on this test, professionals will determine if the blower system can be rebuilt or needs replacement.

Blower operation is dependent on two critical aspects: rotor timing and truck mounting. Rotor timing is the crucial determining factor in blower lifespan and efficiency. Properly setting rotors to deliver maximum air per revolution is necessary for peak performance.

Truck mounting is responsible for providing smooth shaft operation and the proper blower speed. Fitting your system with the appropriate suction discharge, valves, hoses, and fittings ensures your blower works appropriately.

Tank Repairs

Class 8 truck tanks are bound to experience wear and tear. Some damage is merely cosmetic, while others may cause functionality issues. Welding services are available to repair damaged steel or aluminum tanks. Bolster replacements, filling gouges, and subframe repairs are all services to help present a professional-looking truck that runs efficiently.

  • More focused repairs are also available, including:
  • Welding bulkheads
  • Side section replacement
  • Suspension support
  • Subframe rebuilds
  • Tank installations

Tank washes play a vital role in food-grade tankers. To meet state regulations, kosher requirements, and provide uncontaminated liquid or dry bulk food-grade products, routine cleanings are necessary. Cleaning the exterior projects a professional image that helps your clients know you pay attention to detail.

Weights and Measures

Fuel delivery businesses are highly regulated. If your flow meter is not correctly measuring the amount of bulk liquids going in and out, it could be a costly error. If your truck is dispensing more than it should, you are dumping revenue out of your truck. If your meter is under-reading flow and caught by an inspector, fines are assessed.

The meter proving process ensures the proper volume of fuel is delivered every time. Remain compliant and build strong relationships with customers by providing accurate fuel metering.

If You Are in Need of Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostics, Turn to White Tank

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