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Our R-Stamp Welding Certification Safely and Efficiently Gets You Back on the Road

White Tank & Truck Repair holds all necessary pressure vessel welding certifications to provide you with the highest-quality repairs. R-Stamp welding certification ensures quality control, stringent safety measures, and expertise for all pressure tank welding services

Trusted R-Stamp Pressure Tank Welding

When your tanker needs repairs, it is crucial that you use a service provider with R-Stamp pressure vessel welding certification. White Tank & Truck Repair pressure tank welding services are performed by experts that are certified by the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors

Careless or unqualified work on pressure-retaining items is not only dangerous but also incredibly expensive to fix. To earn R-Stamp welding certification, we displayed our dedication to safety and precision, achieved ASME certification, and obtained a construction code stamp. 

White Tank’s R-Stamp welding certification ensures our fabrication services follow strict industry protocols, quality control measures, and welding procedure best practices. Our dedication to quality during the welding process gets you safely back on the road. 

Increase Your Truck’s Performance and Efficiency

White Tank’s technicians use the most advanced diagnostic equipment to analyze anti-lock brake systems and truck faulting issues. Learn more about our advanced diagnostics.

The Importance of Pressure Vessel Welding Certification

Several industries use pressure vessels to transfer gas and other potentially harmful liquids that require high-pressure storage. Correctly performed pressure tank welds are critical to keeping costs low, meeting deadlines, and maintaining your equipment’s long-term functionality. 

Certified welders must correct improper welds before trucks are allowed back on the road. Repairs often add high costs due to the precision required to meet regulatory requirements. They can be labor-intensive, meaning your truck may be off the road for prolonged periods. 

White Tank’s R-Stamp welding certified services help you avoid downtime and provide peace of mind knowing your pressure tank welding was safely and adequately performed.

White Tank strictly follows all National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) pressure tank welding rules and regulations. The NBIC breaks down services into four categories:

  • Installation
  • Inspection
  • Repairs and alterations
  • Pressure relief devices

Upon completing our R-Stamp welding certified work, we provide the necessary documentation to our clients and regulatory bodies. Any White Tank technicians that performed welding services identify their work and adequately catalog it.

View of several pressurized tanks

Avoid Unnecessary Repairs With Preventative Maintenance

Neglected trucks and tanker equipment break down or become faulty much quicker than those that receive regular care. Whether you have a stainless steel or aluminum tank, White Tank’s preventative maintenance program detects minor issues before they become big problems. 

Preventative care helps protect your bottom line by repairing or replacing parts before they cause catastrophic damage. We develop maintenance programs to meet the needs and budgets of all our clients. 

Don’t let a $20 part that you ignored be the cause of a repair that costs thousands of dollars.

Rely on White Tank’s preventative inspections and repairs to keep you moving.

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