Weights & Measures

Accurate Weight and Measure Inspections  

We specialize in helping fuel delivery businesses comply with rules and regulations issued by the  Illinois Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Weights and Measures.

Weight and Measurement Rules

It’s easy to take the price of fuel for granted until you stop getting your money’s worth. Your meter should never register more than what was actually delivered.  White Tank & Truck Repair works tirelessly so that doesn’t happen. We help fleet owners avoid outrageous fuel prices with effective meter proving and repairs.  

Every state administers fuel quality laws to ensure the purchase quantity of motor fuels. Each year, a member of the state’s Bureau of Weights Measures will inspect and test all systems to dispense fuel. This is a thorough inspection used to determine the integrity of your fuel dispensing meter.  White Tank can bring red-tagged meters back into spec and seal the meter by an accredited repair person.

Maintain a Well-Balanced Flow Rate

 Trust White Tank’s team  to keep fuel deliveries accurate.

The Meter Proving Process

A delivery truck is no good without dispensing equipment. That’s why it’s important for us to keep fuel meters working accurately. Meter proving is the physical testing of the actual volume of fuel delivered against the metered volume of fuel. This is a practice White Tank handles better than other service providers in the trucking industry. 

White Tank will travel with our prover ready and ensure compliance for all your delivery trucks.  We even make repairs at fuel centers at airports and bulk plants. If a meter is out of spec,  we can perform basic repairs and re-gear or configure the electronic programming for red-tag meters that go out of service. 

Accurate fuel metering to build confidence with your customers.

Leave Meter Proving to the Experts

Stop future volume discrepancies and connect with the experts at White Tank to prepare your fuel tanks for the state’s weights and measures inspection!

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