Tank Wash

Food-Grade, Non-Hazardous Tank Washouts

Food-grade or dry bulk or liquid tankers? Kosher or non-kosher? White Tank can handle it all.

A Full-Service Wash Facility

White Tank & Truck Repair values the importance of a clean tankFood grade Cargo Tank carriers require regular cleaning between loading. A strong tank wash partner is a vital way for you to maintain your customer’s and relationships.  This is why our team performs quality cleaning tasks for food-grade tanks of all shapes and sizes. 

Our  Sani-Matic CIP tank wash facility provides washes for dry bulk and liquid tankers. Our high-pressure spinner system flushes solids and eliminates odors to keep food-grade tanks primed for the next loading facility. We wash out an extensive collection of goods including flour, starch, sugar, yeast, chocolate, alcohol, and plastic items. We wash all hoses,  flush piping, and even clean the aerators by request. 

Tanks and Trailers Deserve Critical Attention to Detail

Call White Tank and take advantage of a more complete tank cleaning solution. 

Kosher Tank Washes

As a kosher-certified tank wash, White Tank can handle tough jobs exclusively for kosher products. We’re experts in all aspects of kosher maintenance washing. After a truck delivers a load, we make sure it’s washed before anything else gets loaded up again. We maintain Kosher certification with VAAD HOEIR of ST. Louis so you can have peace of mind in the safety of your washouts. 

We’re experts in all aspects of kosher maintenance washing. After a truck delivers a load, we make sure it’s washed and sanitized before anything else gets loaded up again.

And when there’s no temperature specification for a wash, we can complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Exterior Cleaning Services

When we wash tank pumps, we’re not just cleaning the environment on the inside of the tank. At White Tank, we go the extra mile to clean the outside of your truck too. First impressions are key, so we make sure your truck always has a fresh, professional look. After completing a tank washout, we thoroughly maintain the outer shell and touch up any areas that need it. We help bring back the beauty of your tank by getting rid of noticeable scuffs, scratches, and other marks.

Keep Your Carrier in Pristine Condition

It’s never a wrong time to prioritize cleanliness and sanitation. No matter where your service is going, we’re committed to keeping your environment clean throughout the journey. Whether we’re performing a specialty kosher wash or caring for individual parts, you can count on White Tank to complement the the safest cleaning methods with detail-oriented service.

Reach out today to start planning your next tank wash!

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