Tank Body Installs

Fuel Delivery Tank Installs and Chassis Swaps You Can Trust

Whether you are hauling refined fuels or LPG, We make ensure you fleet is built for the long journey ahead.

Truck-Mounted Tank Services

We know your business requires reliable equipment to make deliveries.  As trucks age and technology changes, tanks can be more productive on new truck chassis’.  We can help move your tank to a new chassis and breathe life back into the whole unit.  

We provide all the services to keep your tank operating efficiently.  All you have to do is purchase a new truck chassis, and we will take care of the installation from there.  The pumps, piping, and meter system is completely refurbished and inspected.  Once assembled, current HM testing is completed and meters are proved to ensure proper weights and measures compliance.

Invest in Quality and Efficiency

White Tank mounts the right fuel delivery  systems quicker than any other service distributor in the Greater St. Louis area.

Give Your Vehicle New Life

Over time, your tank is going to lose its productivity and reliability. Eventually, your equipment will break down and stop performing at an optimal level. White Tank values longevity. When we install delivery tanks, we want to make sure they’re built to last. Through the years, we’ve built a reputation for supporting fleets with long-lasting components. And while a detail-oriented approach might take other service facilities weeks to perform, White Tank can streamline the process in just a matter of days. 

White Tank values longevity. When we install bulk tanks, we want to make sure they’re built to last.

But our services are more than just fast. We’re committed to quality craftsmanship that you can trust. And since our team maintains an ASME R Stamp year after year, you can count on us to support your fleet with a tank it needs. 

Hos connection points on a truck

Better Storage Solutions Guaranteed

White Tank understands the difficulty of replacing storage tanks. It’s a rigorous process that requires a lot of moving parts. With us, you’ll never have to scour around to find the right equipment. We’re an all-inclusive source for high-quality products from top manufacturers like Gardner Denver, Dixon Bayco, and FitTite.

Over 2 Million

trucks operate in the United States

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