The Importance of Blower Preventative Maintenance

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White Tank & Truck Repair Will Help You Establish a Blower Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Vacuum trucks are hard workers. While other trucks the same size are dedicated to transporting from Point A to Point B, vacuum trucks are active tools. They constantly idle to operate the power take offs used to operate equipment like blower motors. These motors are critical to the vacuum truck’s operations, and blower preventative maintenance makes sure they function how they should and when they should.

This blog will discuss how blowers work and the predictive and preventative maintenance procedures White Tank & Truck can provide your business.

Why Preventative Maintenance Is Important

When you buy equipment, it should work for you as long as possible. The investment was probably very substantial, which means a long life cycle should be implied. 

This investment is the very reason why any organization that purchases blowers for their vacuum trucks must have the right procedures in place to maintain them. Maintenance protects your investment. Do you need more reasons?

Preventative blower maintenance keeps equipment running efficiently – When the blower is new, it works perfectly and efficiently. Maintenance keeps the blower in that like-new condition that maintains its efficiency. 

A small issue not caught in time will get worse – Your blower is a mechanical system, and like all mechanical systems, it will develop problems over time. When something isn’t working the way it used to and only affects the job in a small way, it tends to be ignored, bypassed by a minor adjustment, and ultimately could go unreported. While the job may still be done in the short term, the adjustment is an indication that something is wrong. If the issue continues to be ignored, it can grow into a substantial problem down the road.

Significant repairs are expensive – Blowers are not complicated machinery, but they are not cheap to replace. Replacement costs may not be completely avoidable, but they waste money when simple, periodic preventative maintenance could have prevented it. Large problems will put an entire unit out of commission, which leads to downtime and increased costs, especially if you rely heavily on that unit. Employees scheduled to use that unit are now being paid to wait for it to be available. Parts may not be readily available to repair the unit. Big problems tend to lead to more significant issues, and all of them are expensive. 

Maintain the unit’s resale value – Your blower unit will not be in service for your business forever. When you invest in a blower or any piece of equipment, it is essential to have plans for disposal. Unless you plan on using it until the absolute end of its life, how you maintain it will preserve its value when it comes time to sell it or trade it in for something new. 


Well-maintained equipment is safe for employees to use – If your fans and blowers aren’t serviced regularly, it is likely that they aren’t working correctly. While they may get the job done, unmaintained equipment is dangerous for employees to operate. Preventable workplace injuries are terrible not just for the employee but also for the company. Unexpected breakdowns will happen, but they can be minimized through comprehensive, proactive preventative maintenance procedures.

White Tank & Truck Will Extend the Lifecycle of Your Blower Systems

When we install a blower system, our goal is quality. Quality parts installed by professionals are only one part of the equation. Preventative maintenance is a crucial component of preserving the value of your equipment. Here are some essential elements of a complete blower preventative maintenance program:

  • Clean the debris body
  • Check electrical wiring for frays and loose connections
  • Inspect hoses for cracks or holes
  • Check rotor timing 
  • Inspect truck mounting
  • Test and replace hydraulic fluids
  • Change hydraulic filters
  • Check belt tensions
  • Flush the hydraulic system
  • Follow manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule

Do you need a full-service maintenance solution for your vacuum truck fleet? White Tank & Truck Repair can make all the difference in your entire fleet’s longevity and efficiency. We offer everything you need to keep your vacuum trucks in service and working correctly. 

If you are struggling with your blowers’ reliability, if you find your vacuum trucks are out of commission more often than not, or if your fleet doesn’t have a solidified maintenance plan, call us today. Protect your investment with White Tank & Truck Repair.