What Is a Wet Kit?

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What Is a Semi Wet Kit?

Semi-trucks are versatile tools that require accessories like blowers and dump trailers to perform specific functions. Trucks can typically power this equipment independently, but most don’t have a way to connect added equipment to the tank or truck. This is where a PTO wet kit (also known as a wet line kit) comes in. Trucks with a power take off (PTO) use a hydraulic pump assembly called a wet kit to power accessories.

PTO wet kits are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate different applications. Matching the wet kit you’re using with its intended application is critical to your equipment’s effectiveness. A tractor without a wet kit is limited to van trailers and flatbeds. However, trucks with a semi wet kit are much more versatile and have hardier applications than straightforward hauling. In fact, for most fleets, a wet kit is required equipment for every unit.

How Does a PTO Wet Kit Work?

A mobile hydraulic system begins with the transmission, which is a prime mover for the entire truck. The transmission turns the gears inside the PTO in a hydraulic system, which turns the gears inside the pump. This action creates suction from an oil reservoir through a motor or a relief valve. This motor activates the necessary equipment, such as a lift pump or blower.

As the motor works, it creates heat in the oil, so another vital component of a hydraulic system is cooling. This means the oil passes through a heat exchanger and a filter before returning to the reservoir. PTO wet kit components are usually installed as one compact package, but since it’s an aftermarket part, it needs to be installed by a certified installation expert.

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How To Install Wet Kits on Semis

Semi wet kits are available in numerous sizes to accommodate a variety of applications. It’s essential to consult with the manufacturer or a certified PTO wet kit installer to make sure you’re installing the right equipment for your specific purpose and truck.

With so many possible hydraulic pump arrangements and valving systems to control the fluid flow, wet kit installations require a lot of working knowledge. You need the installation services of an experienced provider. However, if you’re looking for some tips on how to install a wet kit on a semi, you can reference these:

  • Make sure the oil is in the transmission
  • Open the tank’s ball valve and tie it so it doesn’t accidentally close
  • Make sure your pump is flooded
  • Correct the rotation of your pump
  • Remove each cap and plug from your system and check that all fittings are tight
  • If you’re installing a three-line system, be sure the sleeve is installed correctly in the suction port
  • Inspect the hose connections to make sure they’re leak-free and tightly secured
  • Ensure the system is exactly two-thirds full, leaving room for the oil to expand from heat
  • Correctly torque all mounting bolts and remove excess oil
  • Use sturdy zip ties or brackets to secure hoses to the frame
  • For three-line systems, ensure proper filter flow, mount security, and leak-free filter connection
  • Route cab control airlines away from hot-to-touch or sharp components
  • Start your wet line kit and inspect it for leaks

The Importance of PTO Wet Kit Maintenance

Trucks with wet line kits work much harder than other trucks because the engine needs to idle or run the PTO, sometimes for more hours than it runs while driving. While semi wet kit tractors stay closer to home, which makes service more manageable, they’ll need to be maintained more often due to this extended use. They operate in more demanding environments, and these trucks tend to pull higher weights.

A thorough and routine preventative maintenance plan addresses minor issues before they become costly problems. Not only does regular maintenance protect the integrity of your PTO wet kit and other equipment, but it also saves you money in the long run. Fixing a small leak or faulty piece before it causes other components to fail helps you avoid catastrophic damage.

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