What Is a Wet Kit?

What Is a Wet Line Kit?

Semi trucks are versatile tools and many functions of these trucks require them to use accessories like blowers and dump trailers. The truck can power this equipment independently but most stock trucks don’t have a means to connect the equipment to the truck. This is where a wet kit comes in. Trucks with a power take off (PTO) use a hydraulic pump assembly called a wet kit to power these accessories. Wetline kits are available in various sizes for different applications and it is important to match the kit you are using with its intended application. A tractor without a wet kit is limited to van trailers and flatbeds while trucks with a wet kit are much more versatile and can be used in hardier, more demanding applications over simple hauling. In fact, for most fleets, a wet kit is required equipment for every unit. 

For years, White Tank & Truck Repair has been the premier source for wet kit and PTO support in the greater St. Louis area. Our experts sell, install, and repair wet kits for various types of fleet vehicles. We handle the complicated installs, from high-pressure grease trucks to end dump applications. This blog will describe what wet kits are, how they work, and why White Tank & Truck Repair should be your go-to resource for all your wet kit needs.

How a Wet Kit Works

A mobile hydraulic system begins with the transmission, which is a prime mover for the entire vehicle. In a hydraulic system, the transmission turns the gears inside the PTO, which turns the gears inside the pump. This action creates suction from an oil reservoir through a motor or a relief valve. This motor activates the equipment needed, such as a lift dump or a blower. As the motor does work it creates heat in the oil, so another important component of a hydraulic system is cooling. This means the oil is passed through a heat exchanger and a filter before returning to the reservoir. Wet kit components are usually installed as one compact package but since it is an aftermarket part, it needs to be installed by a certified installation expert.

White Tank Wet Kit Installations

Your wet kit installation will transform your truck from a simple hauler to a versatile tool your business can use for thousands of applications. But this important piece of equipment needs to be installed properly and by a certified installer like White Tank & Truck Repair.

We Are Wet Kit Installation Experts

When you work with us, you have a team of experts guiding you through every phase of the process. We’ll be ready to answer all questions and install your new wet kit so your fleet has all the parts it needs. And unlike other service providers, it will take minimal time in the shop and on premises.

Wet Kit Maintenance Is Critical

Trucks with wetline kits work much harder than other trucks. This is because the engine needs to idle or run the PTO, sometimes for more hours than it runs while driving. While wet kit tractors stay closer to home, which makes service easier, they will need to be maintained more often due to this extended use. They operate in tougher environments, and these trucks tend to pull higher weights. Our maintenance options not only make sure things are running properly, but they also inspect the entire system to make sure it is properly spec’d for the type of work it is supposed to do. A low boy or a walking floor doesn’t require the hydraulic power that a belt or an apron would take.

Call White Tank & Truck Repair for All Your Wet Kit Needs

We have been doing this for a long time and whether you have one truck or an entire fleet that needs installation or repair, we can help you. Aftermarket systems like wetline kits aren’t typically covered by manufacturer warranties, and in-house maintenance staff may be geared more toward preventive maintenance over installs and overhauls. Make sure your wet kit and PTO equipment is working properly and as intended—call White Tank & Truck Repair today.