Tank Truck Longevity

Tank truck driving down the road on a sunny day

How Long Can a Tank Truck Last on the Road?

A newly purchased truck is a thing of beauty. They are robust, customizable, and if cared for properly, will last a very long time. Semi-trucks are the backbone of our commercial infrastructure, delivering products exactly where they need to go. They are essential tools to logistics companies, and for all their durability, they cannot be treated as disposable assets. To truly get the value on your investment, your trucks and trailers need constant maintenance.

This blog will discuss how semi-trucks can last a long time through proper preventive maintenance, how the tanks themselves contribute to how long they will last, and how White Tank & Truck Repair can keep your trucks and trailers on the road.

Longevity Means Proper Engine Care

The difference between the average vehicle and a semi-truck is the design of the engine. Semi engines are six times the size of a standard car engine and designed to last a long time. In fact, the engine of the average semi can withstand over a million miles in its lifetime. If the motor is fitted with a power take-up, it will endure even more wear and tear.

Diesel fuel is an important factor for semi-truck longevity because it is lighter than gasoline, and due to its chemical makeup, it packs more energy. Engines that run on diesel last much longer than their gasoline counterparts because of their mode of operation. Where a gasoline engine will run between 2,000 – 3,500 RPM, diesel-fueled engines work at a much slower rate – 1,300 to 1,600 RPM. This is an important advantage for engines that run for hours at a time.

Diesel engines are built for longevity and power, and they are how 18-wheelers literally do the heavy lifting for our commercial infrastructure. The key to maintaining this longevity is preventive maintenance from a trained professional. This is where White Tank & Truck Repair can provide the most value. Preventative truck maintenance can be the difference between replacing a $10 part and paying thousands more to repair a broken-down truck or trailer.

Off-Road/Farm Road Truck Tanks Need Even More Maintenance

Vehicles that travel on the highway benefit from a road that is engineered to be traveled on, but not all trucks do their work on paved roads. At White Tank & Truck, we focus on the tank portion of the trailer, and when these trailers need to travel down uneven farm roads and other unpaved roads, they need to be able to handle the increased stress. A lot of tank trailer maintenance focuses on the tires, valves, and brakes. While these are critical elements for any tank truck, an often overlooked mechanical aspect is how the tank is mounted to the chassis. For trucks that travel off the highway, the mounts are the most important part of keeping the load safe during transport. Each tank should be mounted and tied down to suit the environment where it will be operating, and many manufacturers create a strong tank mount by attaching the tank directly to the chassis.

Truck Tanks are Durable Equipment

The actual tank of the truck is a strong piece of equipment. It needs to be able to withstand high pressures and shifting weight during transportation. In fact, some tanks are built so well, they outlast the chassis they are mounted to. At White Tank & Truck Repair, one of our more common services is a chassis swap, where a tank is removed from an old chassis, refit, has new pumps added, and remounted on a new chassis.

With the Right Preventive Maintenance, A Tank Truck Can Last A Long Time

Depending on the type of service, how heavily the truck is used, and the environment, your tank truck will provide reliable service for many years. A vital element is a trusted repair and preventive maintenance specialist, and White Tank & Truck Repair are here to solve all of your tank truck repair needs.

Our customers find we provide value for your essential equipment. We take pride in doing a job right from start to finish. If your tank is ASME or DOT spec, White Tank can easily repair it. Our services range from weld repairs for stainless and aluminum tanks, bolster replacement, tank mount repairs to filling pits and gouges and pulling dents from tank surfaces. We deliver top-quality tank shell and subframe repairs to many different sizes of tanks, and our service options are important to maintaining the longevity of your tanker trucks.