Tanker Trucks and Preventive Maintenance

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White Tank & Truck Repair is the maintenance partner that can help you protect your trucks and trailers so they stay on the road.

Preventive Maintenance: The Key to Protecting Your Important Assets

Trucks and trailers are not disposable. This seems like simple knowledge that any truck owner would understand, but the reality is preventive maintenance among trucking fleets can be hit or miss. Modern businesses have a responsibility to use assets wisely and to keep their equipment safe and compliant. Through regularly scheduled preventive maintenance, White Tank & Truck Repair makes sure your trucks and trailers stay rolling. 

This blog will examine the basic maintenance that Type 8 semi trucks require

Truck and trailer maintenance are critical parts of running an efficient and cost-effective truck fleet.

Truck Maintenance PM Schedules

Type 8 trucks need scheduled inspections and maintenance and this program has been standardized for all vehicles of this type from simple inspections to full overhauls. 

PM A – This is classified as a safety inspection and consists of looking at key components including lights, tire condition, fluid levels, and high-wear components. The interval for A service is between 5,000 and 10,000 miles for heavy duty vehicles and sometimes sooner if the vehicle returns for maintenance.

PM B – Usually done between 10,000 and 2000 miles, B includes all A items but adds an oil and filter change and close inspections of the engine and drivetrain. This is also a good opportunity to run ECM codes and take action on any trouble codes.

PM C – This is still a regularly scheduled maintenance procedure but is usually done annually to include alignments, DOT annual inspections, and other manufacturer recommended annual preventive maintenance.

PM D – When a company wants to schedule rebuilds or major components such as engines and transmissions. D maintenance may include winterization for vehicles that will be used in extreme weather conditions.

Trailer PM Schedules

Preventive maintenance may be important for power units, but all trailers need to be periodically checked and maintained. This is especially important for trailers with an attached blower or vacuum pump assemblies. 

Every three months, the trailer chassis should be inspected and lubricated. Checks should be made of lights and connections, tires, brakes, safety equipment, and any pump equipment. At half a year of steady use, trailers should be inspected more in-depth. Hubcaps should be pulled for grease condition and lugs should be retorqued. Annual inspections are required by the DOT and this presents a great opportunity to overhaul brakes or check the alignment.

Our Bumper to Bumper Service Plan

At White Tank & Truck Repair, we pride ourselves on our ability to solve our customers’ most painful trucking problems. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation as a leader in trucking maintenance in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas. We follow the above prescribed maintenance procedures to make sure your equipment is there when you need it. 

With our “bumper to bumper” service program, you get:

  • The latest diagnostic technology and tools
  • Tire and auto part procurement support
  • DOT compliance
  • Safety and performance training

If you have vehicles that have been sitting inactive for weeks or months due to driver availability, economic issues, or extended maintenance, White Tank & Truck Repair can perform a pre-service inspection before you put the unit back on the road. 

Why Preventive Maintenance is Important

Your trucks and trailers are not disposable commodities. This mentality is common among companies that don’t have a clearly defined maintenance team and no preventive maintenance procedures other than looking the equipment over before using it. The notion is the replacement cost of a trailer or related equipment is less than the time and effort it will take to adhere to a manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule so why bother?  Further, many businesses forgo having a maintenance department that is trained and equipped to handle keeping your trucks ad trailers on the road. The reality is the company that treats their on the road assets this way will soon find they are wasting more time and money than they are saving.

At White Tank & Truck Repair we believe trailer and truck maintenance are critical parts of running an efficient and cost-effective truck fleet. Over the years we have positioned ourselves to be the maintenance partner that logistics businesses can rely on to perform the critical function of maintenance without having to invest in an internal maintenance department. We can fully evaluate your equipment, establish a solid periodic preventive maintenance plan, and do what needs to be done to help you protect your important assets. 

If your business needs help maintaining trailers and trucks, reach out to us today.