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Gardner Denver CycloBlowers

At White Tank & Truck, quality is everything. Your business relies on tank trucks to get the job done, and when you trust us to service your equipment, it is a given that we use vendors that have a tradition of quality, innovation, and proven results. Our choice for commercial grade blowers is Gardner Denver, a company that has become an industry standard. From their ISO 9001 certified plant in Sedalia, Missouri, Gardner Denver manufactures blowers that are carefully crafted to deliver the performance and dependability you need for your tanker trucks

This blog will examine the significant lines of Gardner Denver pneumatic blowers, their key features, and how White Tank & Truck Repair is your source for complete blower installation repair and preventive maintenance.

CycloBlower Transport Series Dry Bulk Truck Blowers

The Gardner Denver CycloBlower Series offers superior performance and dependability for trucks that need dry bulk material handling capabilities. Each CycloBlower features an exclusive smooth running helical screw rotor design. Other important features include:

  • Precision tolerances engineered into every unit, providing a more relaxed, more efficient compression that improves blower life
  • Compact design which utilizes optimum materials
  • Reduced vibrations, resulting in more extended service critical blower components 
  • A smooth and steady discharge, eliminating the sudden release of trapped air pockets in the line 
  • Contoured inlet and discharge points which minimize pulsations 
  • Unique rotor profile and accurate tolerances which allow the CycleBlower to operate at high speeds for increased capacity.

CycloSaver Transport Series Oil Free Rotary Screw Compressors

This innovative range of contactless, oil-free screw compressors is designed to discharge all types of dry products from tanker trucks. The CycloSaver is designed exclusively for offloading dry products such as feed, granules, pellets, and powders. The rotary screw design allows for quick, efficient transmission of payloads of up to 167lbs per delivery. Other features include:

  • Flexible flow ranges that can handle hundreds of different dry bulk solids 
  • A low-profile inlet flange that reduces the installation envelope 
  • Molded cover that directs cooling air over the machine and protects the compressor from harsh environmental conditions 
  • Cooler output temperatures that preserve the product’s integrity and reduce the need for expensive and heavy auxiliary coolers 
  • Quiet operation, which decreases the need for operator hearing protection or any additional sound abatement issues

GD150 Oil-Free Compressor

The GD150 is a high-flow radial vane compressor for high-pressure off-loading for bulk liquids. Made from the most modern materials, this compressor is one of the most durable and reliable compressors available. Key features of the GD150 include:

  • Steel construction for durability and strength
  • Lightweight and compact design include an anodized aluminum body and side plates.
  • Corrosion-resistant rotors require less maintenance and replacement. 
  • Double-ended shafts enable clockwise or counterclockwise operation.

D807 and D907 High-Performance Rotary Lobe Blowers

Gardner Denver dry bulk truck blowers are among the most versatile truck blowers on the market. A D807 and D907 model is always ready to transmit flour and pebble lime to sand and grain. They are geared for higher efficiency and offer features not found on other dry bulk truck blowers, including:

  • Oil lubrication at both ends, reducing bearing temperatures and eliminating the need for greasing
  • Diamond port design that dramatically reduces noise and airflow pulsations 
  • Performance that provides airflow up to 1300 cfm, pressure up to 20 psi, and vacuum up to 17 inHg
  • Self-contained package units, which allow for easy installation

DuroFlow Truck Blowers

The DuroFlow line offers high output at a competitive price. When your trucks need to transmit cement, plastic pellets, fly ash, sand, flour, or any number of dry bulk applications, the DuroFlow is the leading-edge technology your blower truck needs. With a compact design and a high power-to-weight ratio, the GuroFlow keeps your hauling capacity up and your overall costs down. Other features include:

  • Easy installation, meaning the DuroFlow takes 50% less time to install and test. 
  • Off-the-shelf parts and the ability to service the unit in the field, translating to less downtime
  • An improved design which provides leak-free operation

HPD450/E490 Dry Bulk Truck Blowers

The Gardner Denver can deliver products at 2,500 lbs per minute, saving you time and protecting your bottom dollar. Completely oil-free air delivery can pneumatically convey bulk materials reliably and virtually maintenance-free. This flexibility brings other significant benefits:

  • Sliding vane blowers can be configured for mobile or stationary operation

Low noise operation means operators can run the blower with little or no ear protection, and the entire assembly does not need a muffler or any other noise mitigation.

Get the Results You Want With White Tank & Truck Repair

To learn more about precision engineered Gardner Denver blowers, head to our product page. There you can download product specs and find out more about how White Tank & Truck Repair can make sure your tank blowers are the reliable equipment your business needs.