High-Quality Truck Replacement Parts Will Always Make a Difference

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When Your Trucks Need Truck Replacement Parts, High-Quality is Always Better Than High Availability

Working trucks have a lot of moving parts. They are tools, after all, which means that in order for you to get the job done, they have to perform at a high level each and every day. When any of these moving parts wears out or gets damaged, it is tempting to take anything off the shelf as long as it is an approved replacement. With limited repair budgets and pressure to get the unit back in service as soon as possible, this is the smart way, right? Wrong. 

At White Tank a& Truck Repair, we have found that in every replacement scenario, the decision of quality over price always favors quality. This blog will take a look at the reasons why you should always opt for high-quality truck replacement parts, the major vendors we partner with, and why they will always be your best choice when looking for upgrades or replacement parts.

When Choosing Replacement Parts, Quality is Key

Most aftermarket parts are easily found and cheap. Say your daily pumper unit loses its power take-off, and you need a simple part and an afternoon of service to get it back into service. A typical repair shop will usually have a cheap option ready. These parts are cheap because they are produced by manufacturers that are not affiliated with the original manufacturer. They are reverse engineered, and this is done without the input or supervision of the original manufacturer. This is bad for a number of reasons:

Cheap manufacturing – They are built without the same safety procedures and fail tolerances that the original parts were subject to, meaning they are much more likely to fail again in the future. Also, there is no guarantee the cheaper part will fit where it is supposed to, leading to delays and frustrations. 

Cheap materials – The original manufacturer (OEM) adhered to standards of quality when the original part was made. This is why they were the first choice when the unit was built. A replacement part from an aftermarket company was made using cheap methods AND cheap materials. Sometimes the price of these aftermarket parts seems way too good to be true, and when it comes to quality, oftentimes it is. 

Voided Warranties – If the replacement part is a component of a larger system, you risk voiding its warranty if it isn’t an OEM part. If the replacement comes directly from the manufacturer, you maintain the warranty. Also, the existing warranty may include parts of the unit, reducing the overall cost. 

 No Warranty of its Own – Oftentimes, it seems like cheap aftermarket parts are designed to break. Because when they do, there is one just like it sitting on the shelf, ready to go. Replacing the same part 3 or 4 times defeats the purpose of choosing the cheaper option in the first place, especially if there is no parts warranty offered.

At White Tank & Truck Repair, we understand that you rely on your work trucks every day. This is why whenever we have an installation or replacement project, we use genuine OEM parts whenever possible. This gives us greater assurance of quality because it is guaranteed to work exactly like the part being replaced. Both parts were manufactured to the same specifications, tested to the same tolerances, and with our expertise and repair experience, we can get your unit back in service as soon as possible. 

Our dedication to quality starts with the manufacturers we choose. Here is a rundown of our important vendors, a bit about their businesses and what they produce, as proof that quality is always important.


Gardner Denver is widely recognized as a worldwide leader for industrial air compressors, blowers, and vacuum products. As an authorized distributor, White Tank and Truck Repair proudly services and installs Gardner-Denver dry bulk, liquid bulk, and mobile vacuum blowers.

Dixon Bayco

Dixon Bayco is a preferred industrial supplier for steel-grade connectors, dry bulk fittings, and petroleum overfill valves. These are all important components for commercial blower trucks and an area where White Tank and Truck Repair will never compromise on quality.


Pneumatic trucks aren’t silent, and to mitigate the noise they make, we turn to FitTite for industry-leading filters and silencers that make blower operation safer and more comfortable for operators.

White Tank and Truck Will Never Compromise on Quality

This pledge extends to our repair services, our preventive maintenance solutions, and especially our selection of high-quality truck replacement parts. From blower exhaust silencers to a number of different bulk blower parts, we have everything you need to optimize the way your fleet performs. We carry flexible solutions for liquid and dry bulk transports. Are you looking for a reliable repair option? Reach out to us today!