What Is a PTO on a Truck?

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Without power take-offs (PTO), trucks lack the versatility required to transport materials. That’s because a PTO directs power generated by the engine to the auxiliary components that are doing the actual work. Still curious about what a PTO on a truck is? Continue reading to learn more about power take-offs and how to select the one that’s right for your truck.

What Is a PTO Pump?

A power take-off (PTO) is a mechanical gearbox used to transfer power from the engine and transmission of a truck to supplementary elements, such as hydraulic pumps. The pump generates a hydraulic flow that’s transferred to cylinders and hydraulic motors as their power source.

Typically, the transmission on large hauling vehicles, like dump trucks or tankers, has openings on each side to connect the PTO on a tanker. PTO applications like pneumatic blowers, vacuum pumps, and liquid transfer pumps use a rotating drive shaft to supply power directly to the components. Power take-offs can be engaged via cable, air pressure, or hydraulic pressure.

What To Consider When Choosing a PTO

One of the most vital aspects of choosing your power take-off is matching it to the equipment used in your PTO truck. Other considerations include:

  • Input horsepower
  • Operating speed of driven equipment

Mounting Your Power Take-Off

There’s a wide variety of transmissions available on the market, which leads to multiple mounting types for PTO trucks. It’s essential to choose the correct mounting for your specific PTO truck. One of the first things to consider is the aperture of your transmission.

Transmissions have openings on both sides, each of which allows the installation of a PTO. Depending on the manufacturer, apertures may be standard or nonstandard sizes. Power take-offs also require a specific number of bolts to fasten to the transmission; 6-bolt and 8-bolt designs are common, while some manufacturers offer 10-bolt designs as well.

Mounting options include rear, reversible, split shaft, and Ford super duty. Split shaft PTOs attach behind the transmission, within the truck’s drivetrain. Because of that, they need to be specially mounted to the chassis frame.

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Parker Chelsea Power Take-Offs

Parker Chelsea is an industry-leading provider of PTOs. Their reliable equipment handles power transmission that delivers consistent performance. They manufacture a wide range of engine-driven PTOs designed to meet the unique requirements of specific industrial applications.

Whatever internal speed, torque capacity, or variable output requirements your truck has, Chelsea Parker makes a PTO that meets your needs. Whether your transmission aperture is
6-bolt, 8-bolt, 10-bolt, split shat, front-engine mounted, or countershaft, you can rely on Parker Chelsea.

Parker Chelsea PTO truck equipment features:

  • Mechanical shift, powershift, or constant engaged shift options
  • Overspeed controls and flanges
  • Blowers
  • Water pumps
  • Product pumps
  • Generators

Muncie PTO Truck Equipment

Because of their versatility, multi-gear power take-offs are the most common type, like the ones Muncie makes. That’s because these types of PTO provide numerous features, including:

  • Direct pump mounting
  • Shifter choice
  • Several speed ratios and horsepower capabilities
  • Wet kit packages

The variety of features Muncie provides makes it an ideal choice for virtually any truck-mounted equipment found on dump trucks, roll-off hoists, aerial buckets, tank trucks, cranes, and wreckers.

8-Bolt PTOs on a Truck

If your truck has a high-torque pneumatic blower, vacuum pump, or large winches, Muncie’s 8-bolt PTOs provide the power you need. They’re available in single-speed models, and you can directly couple the hydraulic pumps. Additionally, your Muncie PTO can be air actuated to your specific requirements.

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