The Benefits of Buying From a Distributor When You Need Tank Truck Equipment

Tank truck driving down the road

When it comes time to replace a worn or damaged part or install a new piece of equipment to improve your truck’s performance, where you purchase the product matters. This blog aims to help you understand the differences between manufacturers and distributors. Continue reading to find out:

  • What is the work of a distributor?
  • Manufacturer vs. distributor
  • The benefits of buying from a distributor

What Is the Work of a Distributor?

Distributors in the trucking industry purchase large quantities of product lines from manufacturers and supply them to retail outlets or sell them directly to consumers. Along with equipment and parts, many distributors also offer a wide range of services like maintenance, repair, and support. 

The work of a distributor plays a vital role in supplying products and services to areas that manufacturers either can’t reach or don’t invest the time and resources into reaching. Rather than building out the necessary infrastructure in geographic areas and learning the subtleties of individual target markets, manufacturers rely on a distributor’s customer base and local contacts to make direct sales for them.

Manufacturer vs. Distributor

At a base level, the main difference when considering manufacturer vs. distributor is that manufacturers specialize in creating and assembling raw materials into deliverable goods. In contrast, distributors strictly focus on selling products to retail outlets

Some of the most trusted manufacturers in the trucking industry, like Dixon Bayco and Gardner Denver, don’t offer direct sales. They rely on their authorized distributors to sell goods. That’s not to say that no manufacturer handles direct sales, because many do. However, focusing on making products makes driving direct sales more challenging, especially if consumer demand is high. Distributors benefit from focusing on sales, customer service, and efficiency. 

In the supply chain, the work of a distributor is to be the middleman between manufacturers and purchasers. Because customers are their principal focus, distributors are more responsive to the retailers that buy products

White Tank & Truck combines decades of experience, proven reliability, and certified expertise with distributor benefits to provide the ultimate tank truck services and equipment sales. Reach out today to find out more about how we can help you purchase and install the right parts.

The Benefits of Buying From a Distributor

When comparing manufacturers and distributors, there are clear benefits of buying from distributors. Not only do you typically experience a more efficient and customer service–driven experience, but you also:

  • Don’t have to purchase large quantities of parts: Manufacturers take advantage of distributors willing to make bulk orders that they can then distribute as needed. That way, when you need new blower parts and accessories, there’s no need to buy dozens, a key distributor benefit.
  • Benefit from lower pricing: Of all the benefits of buying from a distributor, few are more attractive to consumers than costs. Manufacturers who don’t have to pay a sales team protect their profit margins, and those savings are often passed on to distributors.
  • Preserve warranties: When purchasing from a manufacturer, you can expect the warranty to go into effect from the date of purchase, whether you use the equipment or not. Purchasing from a distributor benefits you because the warranty doesn’t go into effect until you make the purchase.
  • Choose from on-hand inventory: Distributors have products on hand when your tank truck requires service and repairs. This reduces downtime and quickens the installation process, getting you, your truck, and your cargo back on the road where they need to be.

White Tank & Truck Combines Distributor Benefits With Industry-Leading Tank Truck Services

Since 1985, White Tank has provided the St. Louis area with the most reliable and trusted truck, tank, blower, pneumatic system, and welding services. But we’re also a certified distributor of the high-quality products manufactured by Gardner Denver, Dixon Bayco, TITAN Fuel Tanks, and FitTite

Whether you need installation, diagnostics, or preventative maintenance, we’re here to help. And you can rest assured that if you need a new part, we provide all the benefits of buying from a distributor—competitive pricing, in-stock inventory, and manufacturer warranties. Reach out today to schedule an appointment or order your parts.