The Importance of Proper Truck Diagnostics

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What Are Truck Diagnostics?

Truck diagnostics are an essential part of maintaining your vehicle’s uptime and your business’ workflow. Without the proper truck diagnosis, your vehicle can potentially fall prey to unplanned, expensive downtime and repairs. When your vehicle is out of service or in transit to a service provider, it costs your business crucial time and money. Downtime can cost thousands of dollars a day, and the cost of fuel and repairs can accumulate quickly as well.

Commercial truck diagnostics are used to monitor your vehicle’s electrical systems and ensure that they are working properly. Modern heavy-duty trucks come engineered with hundreds of electrical sensors, components, and control units. There are thousands of possible fault codes, so it can be difficult to solve the issue without the proper diagnostic kit and training. If you want to address the source of the problem, not merely patch the symptoms, you need the right diagnostic software and equipment.

When Do You Need To Perform A Truck Diagnosis?

Because your vehicle is equipped with a complex electrical system, it is essential that you remain proactive and vigilant when it comes to your truck’s performance.

The most common reason to come in for heavy truck diagnostics is that your dashboard indicator lights have come on. This occurs when your vehicle’s computer system recognizes that one or more of the systems or components have gone outside their normal operating range. For example, your system may be running too rich or too lean on oxygen, or you may have insufficient exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) flow. This range of issues is actually quite vast. As mentioned above, there are thousands of possible fault codes to parse through. The proper truck diagnosis allows you to whittle down the issues and tackle the root problem head on.

You should also bring your truck in for diagnostics and service if you notice any peculiar noises, acrid smells, or changes in your truck’s handling. Minor issues often serve as precursors to more disruptive problems, and the proper truck diagnostics can address them before they get out of hand.

One of the best ways to maintain your heavy truck’s performance is with regular, proactive service and diagnostics. Much like oil changes, diagnostics should be performed at regular intervals. It’s recommended that you bring your truck in for diagnostics at least once a year. Your service provider will perform a comprehensive diagnostic check to identify any potential electrical problems before they progress further.

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What Are the Benefits of Truck Diagnostics?

For Your Business

As mentioned above, vehicle downtime is an expensive issue that every business seeks to avoid. With proper heavy truck diagnostics, you can avoid costly mishaps and ensure your fleet continues running with optimal performance.

Truck diagnostics also increase the lifespan of your vehicle. Although commercial trucks have a lifespan upward of 200,000 miles, avoiding the proper care and maintenance of your vehicle can shorten it substantially. To get the most out of your vehicle, you need to maintain both your mechanical and electrical systems. Diagnostics enable you to keep them online, and your truck service longer.

For Your Driver

One of the most important reasons to perform proper truck diagnostics is that it ensures the safety of your driver, passengers, and cargo on the road. A misaligned wheel or a fault in your anti-lock brake system (ABS) can prove to be extremely dangerous when in transit. Diagnostic testing catches these issues before they pose risks.

Moreover, maintaining your vehicle’s complex operating systems ensures that you arrive on time for scheduled deliveries and pickups. Your driver will have to pull over to perform minor maintenance and repairs less frequently, letting them stay on the road and get to where they’re going.

How Can White Tank & Truck Repair Help?

To keep your truck running optimally, you need to enlist the help of a reputable trucking repair company like White Tank & Truck Repair. With our diagnostic toolkit, we can plug into your truck and provide you with the best repair information for your vehicle by reading live data and examining your system’s complex wiring diagrams. We specialize in transmission ABS and truck fault testing, so you can be sure your truck travels safely wherever it’s needed. Contact us today to schedule your truck diagnosis.