The Important Role Diagnostics Play in Road Tank Repairs

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Few things play a more critical role in keeping your truck on the road than quality tanker services. Finding a certified truck and trailer repair shop that handles anything from diagnostics to preventative maintenance can spare you costly tank repairs and downtime.

Why Are Diagnostics a Critical Tanker Service?

Today’s truck and tanker trailer parts are more complex than ever. From wiring and electronic control units to pumps, you’re working with a lot of moving parts. While they certainly improve the performance of your tank truck, they also present more opportunities for malfunctions and other issues.

Taking advantage of a repair facility that offers certified truck and trailer repairs backed by thorough diagnostic services can ensure your truck and tank are in working order. Whether it’s a liquid or dry bulk trailer, truck diagnostics help drivers, fleet managers, and trucking businesses in multiple ways.

Recognizing Problems

Diagnostic results can’t tell repair service professionals the exact problems your truck is experiencing, but they can help locate those problems more easily. Fault codes provide valuable information about what needs replacement, repair, and maintenance.

Early Detection

All too often, truckers fail to realize they need trailer repair service until significant issues arise. Rather than waiting for the obvious signs that you need pump truck, tanker trailer parts, or tank repairs, diagnostics catch minor problems before they spiral out of control. Certified truck and trailer repair shops use cutting-edge technology to locate and remediate any issues with expert tanker services.

Reduced Road Tank Repair Costs

The difference between a simple repair for a minor issue and a complete fuel tank replacement can be thousands of dollars. Diagnostics not only prevent extensive scale tanker services, but they also save time and money. With so many parts and wires hidden within your truck, it’s nearly impossible for service center technicians to know exactly what’s malfunctioning without diagnostic tests. Diagnostic testing streamlines your storage tank repairs, keeping you on the road and out of the shop.

Tank Repairs for Leak Issues

Leaks are one of the most problematic and common issues that require road tank repair services. The source of a leak could be anything from a small crack to an API bottom load head adapter wearing off at the nose rise. Dixon Bayco, a leading distributor of tank trailer parts, offers load head adapters with a replaceable nose rise that’s much more cost effective than replacing the whole part.

If cracks are your issue, welding services from an R-Stamp certified truck and trailer repair shop are your best option. Trying to save a few dollars with unqualified work is not only dangerous, but it also leaves you susceptible to falling out of compliance with strict industry regulations.

Diagnosing Leaks

Locating leaks in your tanker trailer parts is often a simple but crucial step in keeping your tank worry free. To detect leaks, a reputable service center thoroughly inspects all tank trailer parts, including:

White Tank & Truck Repair is the leading repair facility in the St. Louis area. We’re your one-stop shop for all tanker services, from basic diagnostics to the most complicated tank repairs.

Want To Avoid Unnecessary Tank Repairs? Invest in Preventative Maintenance

The best way to avoid leaks, tank failures, and expensive road tank repairs is to enroll in a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. Industry-leading maintenance shops use state-of-the-art technology and skilled technicians to address issues before a substantial investment to repair them is required.

For pneumatic trucks, pressuring the tank to inspect for leaks is crucial. Addressing even the smallest leak can ensure the efficiency of your equipment at every fill-up and drop-off location you visit.

Tank Washing

The importance of a clean tank can’t be overstated, especially when delivering food-grade cargo. The Food and Drug Administration has strict guidelines that govern tank cleaning standards. Often, drivers must present documentation proving they’ve undergone a tank wash before they can load new cargo. Whether you need a wash to maintain kosher standards or to remain in compliance with regulatory requirements, don’t ignore the importance of a good wash.

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