In Need of a Truck Gas Tank Repair? Find Out Why White Tank & Truck Repair Is the Midwest’s Leading Aluminum Fuel Tank Repair Provider

Silver colored fuel tank

Are you tired of the frustration of contacting multiple service facilities because none of them know how to weld a gas tank correctly? For R-Stamp certified fuel tank welding and repairs, turn to White Tank & Truck Repair. Our team of certified technicians has the expertise to handle all your gas and diesel fuel tank repairs.

Why Aluminum Fuel Tank Repairs Are Important

When your standard or diesel tank is damaged, you don’t have the luxury of waiting until a convenient time for fuel tank welding services. You need a team of certified technicians that knows how to weld a gas tank to get you back on the road without a long wait or complete replacement.

Welding diesel tanks with pinhole leaks or extensively damaged areas not only allows you to fill the tank confidently, but it also avoids the extra cost of replacing your fuel system. Because we’re R-Stamp certified, you have the comfort of knowing your tank is fixed with permanent repairs, not the temporary solution unskilled shops offer.

How White Tank Outperforms Our Competition

Drivers who are tired of shops telling them they can’t take the fuel tank off the truck contact us. The other shops push more expensive replacement services over manageable truck gas tank repairs. Not only do they charge up to $2,000 to replace the fuel tank, but they also expect you to stay off the road for up to a week while they wait for parts.

Once drivers and fleet managers find out we offer fuel tank welding repairs, we become their go-to source for all aluminum fuel tank repairs. Our gas or diesel fuel tank repairs cost less than a third of their replacement quotes and take a fraction of the time. When you trust White Tank with your fuel tank welding services, you can get back on the road where you belong.

Whether it’s a pinhole or a significant crack, the experts at White Tank & Truck Repair know how to weld a gas tank and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Reach out today for all your fuel tank welding and repair needs.

Combination Fuel Tank Welding Services

Combination tanks, also known as split tanks, give trucks the ability to transport diesel fuel and hydraulic fluids in a single tank. Our expert technicians not only know how to weld a gas tank to fit your combination needs, but have extensive experience doing so.
Because we’re an R-Stamp-certified repair shop, our fuel tank welding services meet all government and industry standards and regulations. All of our custom welding is done to the exact specifications of your truck and industry.

Additional Tank Truck Services

White Tank is a full-service provider. Our ASME specialists are experienced with state-of-the-art equipment, best practices, and safety measures. If your truck’s blowers and vacuums are no longer performing as they should, our blower services bring your equipment back to working order.

Few things are more critical to the trucking industry than a functioning cargo tank. White Tank’s tank repairs range from spot welding diesel tanks to complex reconstruction projects. Routine tank washes ensure you meet all compliance requirements and food safety standards.

When you’re on the road and hundreds of miles from your depot center, fast and reliable repairs to your pneumatic tanker equipment are vital. White Tank’s pneumatic system maintenance and repairs deliver ASME-certified services for liquid and dry bulk storage tanks.

In Need of Truck Gas Tank Repairs and Service? Turn to the Midwest’s Most Reliable Fuel Tank Welding Shop

For over 30 years, White Tank & Truck Repair has provided industry-leading gas and diesel fuel tank repair services in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas. As a DoT– and ASME-certified truck and trailer repair facility, we provide the most reliable tank repairs, maintenance, and installations available.

Reach out today to schedule an appointment or find out more about how White Tank & Truck Repair keeps you on the road and out of the shop.