Why Is Hydraulic and Pneumatic Maintenance Important?

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Hydraulic and pneumatic maintenance is invaluable to truck drivers and fleet managers across the country. Whether it’s a semi hydraulic pump or PTO fastener, each part plays a vital role in the efficiency of your hydraulic system. Continue reading to learn more about truck hydraulic maintenance and what you should look for from a repair shop.

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Hydraulic Systems

A truck’s hydraulics maintenance is essential to the performance and longevity of truck-mounted systems. Just as with all critical truck equipment, routine care of hydraulic systems prevents costly repairs or replacements.

To keep your tanker on the road, you need a maintenance partner with extensive knowledge of the many components of a hydraulic system. One faulty semi hydraulic pump, power source, PTO, control valve, or actuator can cause serious issues if it goes out.

What Truck Hydraulic Maintenance Should Include

When looking for an over-the-road service shop, you should choose a comprehensive truck hydraulics maintenance provider. Taking the time to find a team of certified and experienced specialists makes a big difference in protecting your vehicle.
While all maintenance shops are different, thorough preventative maintenance for hydraulic systems should include most if not all of these elements:

  • Take hydraulic fluid samples
  • Change hydraulic return and pressure filters
  • Inspect actuators
  • Thoroughly clean the hydraulic reservoir inside and out
  • Test and record hydraulic pressures and hydraulic pump fluid power
  • Inspect the hydraulic valves and the hydraulic hose, fittings, and tubing
  • Test and record vacuum suction rates, voltage levels, machine cycle times, and amperage on pump motors

A hydraulic or pneumatic maintenance program is necessary if you want to maximize the service life of your hydraulic equipment. That’s because system maintenance of hydraulic parts can identify and fix issues before they become difficult to repair or require total system replacement.

If you rely on break/fix solutions, you’re risking prolonged downtime. And as we all know, when you’re not on the road completing pickups or deliveries, you’re not making money. Don’t let neglect cost you thousands of dollars because you didn’t take the time to set up a truck hydraulic maintenance check.

PTO Maintenance

One of the most basic steps in hydraulic preventative maintenance is checking the PTO’s belts and fasteners. If they seem loose, there’s a good chance they’re already leaking or will soon. Noticeable PTO hydraulic fluid is a sign that your equipment needs to be properly fastened and secured to prevent continued discharge. A good rule of thumb is to inspect your PTO for leaks and make sure that all seals are correctly attached every three months.

A key component of preventative maintenance for hydraulic systems is ensuring proper lubrication. If your equipment isn’t properly lubricated, metals begin to rub against one another. Over time, this causes particles to get stuck in the system and prevent gears from properly meshing. Other symptoms of poor lubrication include oxidation and torsion from diesel engines corroding PTO shafts. Your maintenance personnel can check for these issues.

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Preventative Maintenance for Pneumatic Systems

When choosing a repair shop for your pneumatic system’s maintenance, it’s essential to work with a team of ASME R-stamp certified technicians. Certified work is one of the only ways to guarantee your pneumatic system receives the level of care it needs to remain at peak performance.
Pneumatic maintenance includes checking the functionality and efficiency of several parts, like tank seals, blowers, vacuums, and pressure tanks. Equally important are advanced maintenance services like:

  • Replacing, repairing, or servicing side sections
  • Bulkhead welding
  • Suspension support system service
  • Rebuilding and repairing subframes
  • Installing tanks of all shapes and sizes
  • Dry disconnect equipment repairs

White Tank & Truck Repair Provides the Most Comprehensive Hydraulic and Pneumatic Maintenance Services

Since 1985, White Tank & Truck Repair has provided industry-leading preventative maintenance for hydraulic systems and pneumatic systems throughout Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas. We keep a large inventory of parts on hand, so you don’t have to spend more downtime replacing a part. Our team of expert technicians is R-Stamp certified, and can handle even the most extensive pneumatic system welding needs.
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