Vacuum Pump Repair Services

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White Tank & Truck Repair is dedicated to keeping your critical equipment maintained and optimized.

We Understand Vacuum Pump Repair

From inspections to rebuilds, our vacuum pump repair services have been refined to make sure your critical equipment is available when you need it. We offer everything from inspections and preventive maintenance to complete rebuilds and cleaning. 

Inspections – As an authorized Gardner Denver distributor, we are uniquely qualified to make thorough assessments of how well your equipment is working. From this we can determine if it can be rebuilt and improved or if replacement is the most effective option.

Preventive Maintenance – Periodic maintenance is important for the safety and efficacy of your equipment. Preventive care from White Tank & Truck can extend the life of your equipment, even under harsh conditions and heavy use.

RebuildsGardner Denver vacuum pumps are robust equipment and our knowledge of them allows us to provide complete rebuild services to breathe new life into used equipment. Our rebuild process includes disassembly, inspection, replacement, and cleaning.

Your Vacuum Truck is an Investment – Keep it protected with White Truck and Tank Repair

The Difference Between Vacuum and Blower

Choosing between a blower and a vacuum is important when you take its intended use into account. Both methods create the negative pressure needed to move material quickly and safely but they do this through different methods. Blowers use twin rotors to displace air inside the tank while pumps compress air to create a void that is filled by debris from the end of a hose. Trucks that are used for industrial dry material handling, hydro excavation, or sewer cleaning, need a greater cubic feet per minute displacement and are best suited for blowers. Vacuum pumps are more cost effective and better suited for other applications.

Inspections and Maintenance are Important to Prolonging the Life of Your Equipment

Equipment isn’t disposable, and if you are dedicated to running your operations as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, it should never be thought of in that way. Regularly scheduled, planned maintenance procedures according to strict manufacturer guidelines is the way to keep your equipment operating properly. 

The issue is companies see maintenance as a waste of time, or inspections and routine preventive maintenance isn’t built into a typical work week. The result is equipment that is ignored until something serious goes wrong down the road leading to expensive repairs or replacement of the equipment altogether. This is close to simply throwing money away. 

It is extremely rare for equipment to fail without any warning beforehand. It is unfortunate that many companies see a simple yearly inspection as enough to satisfy OSHA or DOT requirements while also getting an idea of the condition of their equipment. For vacuum pumps and blowers that are used every day, under difficult circumstances, this isn’t close to enough. Simple visual inspections before use aren’t enough either which is why a dedicated equipment inspector that understands the manufacturer, has seen the signs of imminent failure in similar equipment, and knows how to make adjustments to reduce the risk of failure or what to replace before it becomes a serious problem is an important asset. 

White Tank & Truck Repair is just such an asset. The cost of a professional inspection and preventive maintenance program that is customized to your individual needs will make sure that you receive the most return on your investment in your mission-critical equipment.

Simplify Maintenance with White Tank & Truck

We are your expert source for tank and truck repair. You rely on your equipment for your business to do some intense tasks on a daily basis and whether you need minor repairs or a comprehensive rebuild, our team can handle it all. This creates a situation where periodic maintenance is critical to avoiding downtime. This is where White Tank & Truck provides the most value. Not only do we offer the best vacuum pumps and blowers the industry has to offer, but our knowledge can make sure your equipment lasts as long as you need it to.