Why You Shouldn’t Discharge Bulk Liquids From Your Tanker Without a GD Compressor

Gardner Denver oil-free vane compressor

The compressed air system you choose for your tanker or fleet can be the difference between reliable, on-time delivery and lost revenue due to repair or replacement stops. Gardner Denver’s GD compressor line ensures you stay on the road and maximize payloads.

The Gardner Denver GD Series of Truck Mounted Air Compressors

Gardner Denver’s line of truck air compressors discharges bulk liquids from multi-purpose tankers without passing oil through the air stream. Whether you’re transferring liquid foodstuff, solvents, alkalis, hot bitumen, acids, resins, or a host of other chemicals, the GD compressor line keeps your bulk contaminant free.

The GD 175 compressor and the GD 150 compressor are compact, lightweight, and designed to quickly and quietly discharge low viscosity liquids. One of the most beneficial elements of the GD compressor line is its adaptability. Gardner Denver’s truck air compressors are compatible with virtually any component. Furthermore, they can be adapted for most liquid bulk being carried over the road in tanker trucks.

The Benefits of GD Compressors

As a driver or fleet operator, you understand how critical it is to efficiently offload your liquid freight, maximize your payloads, and avoid downtime. Compared to competitors in the truck air compressor space, GD compressors out deliver in all aspects.

Compact Size Means Expanded Storage

The innovative design of both the GD 175 compressor and the GD 150 compressor allow maximum storage capacity for liquid bulk. Gardner Denver fashioned the truck air compressors to fit 4×2 and 6×2 tractor units. These compact sizes leave more space for cargo, and because they’re so lightweight, you lighten your hauling load as well.

GD Compressors Are Quickly and Easily Installed

Want to stay out of the shop and keep moving down the road? GD compressors offer streamlined installations. Not only do the GD 175 compressor and the GD 150 compressor come with mounting feet, but they also include an air inlet kit with a hose and mounting bracket for the truck air compressor inlet filter.

Because of the compact size and design of the Gardner Denver’s truck-mounted air compressors, they’re quickly and easily mounted inside the chassis of most tankers. If you need flexibility in mounting options, both GD compressors offer three mounting orientations, and the through-shaft allows for the input drive to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise.

Low Maintenance, High Reliability

GD compressors have a proven track record of low maintenance requirements and long-lasting durability. While some of the competition may offer lower prices, they simply cannot match the reliability of the GD 175 compressor or the GD 150 compressor. As piston-style truck-mounted air compressors begin to wear, they let oil into the airstream.

Don’t risk contaminating your payloads because you want to save money in the short term. Not only do inferior brands release used oil, but they also fail sooner and are not rebuildable. GD compressors use hard anodized aluminum or stainless steel components in the central bore cavity to minimize atmospheric corrosion. And, if your Gardner Denver truck air compressor breaks down, it can be repaired or rebuilt.

Want to stay on the road, keep your liquid bulk oil-free, and maximize load capacity? White Tank & Truck Repair sells, services, and maintains all the products Gardner Denver offers.

Technical Aspects of Gardner Denver GD Compressors

Gardner Denver’s truck air compressors offer superior airflow for the discharging of liquid from tankers. The GD compressor series provides a wide range of performance options to meet different cargo needs. When you choose Gardner Denver truck-mounted air compressors, you know you have a long-lasting, high-performance air tank.

GD 150 Compressor

The GD 150 compressor is the standard for most tanker truck pressure discharges. For discharges requiring a lower air volume, such as IBC pressure discharge, the GD 150 compressor is fully adaptable. At 2.5 bar, the GD 150 compressor reaches a maximum of 1147 m3/hr.

GD 175 Compressor

When your liquid haul requires increased airflow, invest in the GD 175 compressor. Modern discharge sites with high flow capabilities make reducing fuel costs and fleet use maximization more attainable. GD 175 compressor at 2.5 bar maximizes at 150 m3/hr.

White Tank & Truck Repair Is Your Source for GD Compressors

Whether you need to purchase a new Gardner Denver truck-mounted air compressor, require maintenance, or have to have yours rebuilt, White Tank & Truck is your one-stop solution. Our highly trained and certified staff gets you in and out of the shop as quickly as possible so you can keep on trucking.

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