How the Right Products Help You Avoid Oil Contamination in Liquid Bulk Cargo

Caution sign over a commercial truck while inspector looks over the truck

Whether you’re a truck driver or a fleet manager, you know the risks of oil contamination from piston-style air compressors. Continue reading to find out more about Gardner Denver’s industry-leading lines of oil-free air compressors and pneumatic blowers.

Ensure Tanker Truck Safety With Oil-Free Air Compressors

No matter what type of liquid cargo you’re delivering, ensuring tanker truck containment is essential. A pneumatic blower relies on the power of an air compressor to efficiently discharge goods from cargo tanks. Unfortunately, some air compressors cause oil contamination during this process.

As piston-style compressors that rely on an oil-based lubrication system age and wear down, used oil can seep into the airflow and end up in your cargo. Oil contamination can render foods, beverages, chemicals, solvents, acids, alkalis, hot bitumen, resins, and other liquid goods useless.

If the shipment you’re carrying is contaminated, you’re looking at substantial losses—money, time, reputation, and possibly your future as a truck driver. Rather than risk ruining what’s in your storage tanks and failing an oil analysis, ensure your tanker truck safety with an oil-free air compressor.

Gardner Denver Products That Cause No Oil Contamination

Gardner Denver is an industry-leading manufacturer of pneumatic blowers, air compressors, and accessories. Their large selection of oil-free air compressors come in several models to suit the needs of fleets serving any industry. Along with liquid bulk, Gardner Denver air compressors are an ideal application for:

  • Dry bulk powders, pellets, foods, and granules
  • On-board power, roadside maintenance, and other utility needs

Rotary Vane Truck Mounted Compressors

Gardner Denver’s original oil-free air compressor was designed for pressure discharge of liquids. The GD 150 and GD 175 truck-mounted air compressors were explicitly designed to remove liquid bulk from general-purpose tankers.

The newest model of Gardner Denver compressor, the TX02, goes beyond tanker truck safety with an eye towards clean energy. It provides excellent discharge capabilities while also meeting new size, weight, noise, and fuel source requirements.

Screw Truck Mounted Compressors

The Gardner Denver screw-mounted compressors deliver efficiency, reliability, and reduced noise pollution for dry bulk goods. If avoiding oil contamination is your biggest concern, there is no better choice than the Transport range, including:

  • TR20 Screw
  • XK Series
  • SC-200

Want to avoid oil contamination and deliver safe, high-quality goods? Contact White Tank & Truck Repair for all your Gardner Denver product purchases, maintenance, and repairs.

Benefits of Gardner Denver Pneumatic Blowers and Compressors

Whether you’re looking to save time and money, eliminate oil contamination, or increase cargo loads, Gardner Denver products provide a wealth of advantages.

Pneumatic Blower Benefits

Gardner Denver offers helical screw truck-mounted blowers that can handle the discharge of numerous cargo. The high airflow capabilities are ideal for discharging animal feed, plastics, pellets, and innumerable foodstuffs.

Along with versatility, they provide incredible reliability and a low cost of ownership. Gardner Denver pneumatic blowers have an exclusive smooth running helical screw rotor design, which delivers cooler compression temperatures and greater compression efficiency. Those benefits translate into longer blower lifespans, which in return, drive down your costs.

Benefits of Oil-Free Compressors

By now, you’re well aware that there is no risk of oil contamination when you install a Gardner Denver air compressor. Another fantastic benefit of models like GD 150 and GD 175 is their quick offload times. The less time you spend at a drop-off point, the quicker you can get back on the road and make your next pickup.

The small, compact design of Gardner Denver compressors provides additional benefits as well. Because of their less bulky size, many oil-free options weigh less than other styles. The lower weight results in less fuel consumption and decreased hauling loads. Additionally, the compact design saves equipment space, leaving you with more room to load dry or liquid cargo.

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