White Tank & Truck Repair Partners With Buyers Products

A Partnership of Industry Leaders: White Tank and Buyers Products

White Tank & Truck Repair, a full-service provider specializing in dry bulk and liquid tank trucks, brings quality and professionalism to the collaboration. Our expertise in comprehensive repairs and periodic inspections align seamlessly with Buyers Products’ ethos of providing top-notch solutions. As both companies join forces, customers can expect a powerhouse alliance, combining the robust, reliable offerings of Buyers Products with White Tank & Truck Repair’s commitment to excellence in tank and truck maintenance. Together, we aim to redefine industry standards and deliver unparalleled value to our clientele.

What Is Buyers Products Best Known For?

Buyers Product is synonymous with cutting-edge solutions catering to the trucking industry’s diverse needs. See what they offer below:

Truck Tool Boxes: Secure, Durable, and Organized

Buyers Products has revolutionized the way truckers approach storage and organization with its extensive range of truck tool boxes. These robust storage solutions are meticulously designed to withstand the rigors of the road while providing a secure and organized space for tools and equipment, often located in truck beds. From cross boxes and underbody tool boxes to chest boxes and top side tool boxes, Buyers Products offers a diverse array to suit various truck configurations.

Truck-Mounted Hydraulic Tanks: Powering Performance

Buyers Products has harnessed hydraulic power to fuel the performance of trucks through its exceptional line of truck-mounted hydraulic tanks. These tanks are engineered to provide a reliable and efficient hydraulic fluid storage solution for various applications, from dump trucks to tow trucks.

The design philosophy revolves around durability, maximizing storage capacity, and ensuring ease of installation. Buyers Products’ hydraulic tanks boast robust construction that can withstand the demanding conditions of the job site. The thoughtfully designed mounting options cater to different truck configurations, offering flexibility and ease of integration.

Hydraulics: Precision in Motion

Buyers Products has become a trailblazer in hydraulic systems, providing solutions that epitomize precision, reliability, and efficiency. Their hydraulic components play a crucial role in powering various truck applications, such as aerial lifts.

The commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous engineering of hydraulic cylinders, valves, pumps, and motors. Buyers Products ensures that each component is designed to deliver optimal performance, with a focus on durability and longevity. The result is a hydraulic system that stands up to the demands of heavy-duty applications, ensuring smooth and efficient operation in diverse environments.

PTO Driveline and Controls: Empowering Productivity

Buyers Products empowers trucks with the capability to handle power take-off (PTO) applications seamlessly. The PTO driveline and controls offered by Buyers Products are engineered to provide the necessary link between the truck’s transmission and auxiliary equipment, allowing for the efficient transfer of power.

The PTO driveline is meticulously designed to ensure optimal power transmission, minimizing energy loss and maximizing efficiency. Buyers Products understands that precision is paramount in PTO applications, and their controls are crafted to provide operators with intuitive and reliable command over auxiliary equipment.

Truck Equipment and Accessories: A Comprehensive Portfolio

Buyers Products has curated a comprehensive portfolio of truck equipment and accessories that cater to the diverse needs of the trucking industry. From hitch accessories and ladder racks to trailer jacks and cargo control products, Buyers Products is a one-stop destination for truckers seeking reliable and high-quality vehicle additions.

The diversity of their truck equipment and accessories reflects the brand’s commitment to providing solutions for every aspect of trucking. Whether it’s enhancing towing capabilities, improving cargo management, or ensuring vehicle safety, Buyers Products’ extensive range meets the demands of professionals across various industries.

Truck Lighting: Illuminating the Road Ahead

In trucking, visibility is paramount, and Buyers Products recognizes the significance of effective lighting solutions. Their range of truck lighting products is designed to illuminate the road ahead, enhancing safety and ensuring that trucks are visible in various conditions.

Buyers Products’ truck lighting solutions are not only about visibility but also about durability. Constructed to withstand the vibrations and harsh conditions of the road, these lights are built to last. Whether navigating through inclement weather or working in low-light environments, truckers can rely on Buyers Products’ lighting to provide the visibility needed to operate safely and efficiently.

Check out the complete line offered by our proud partners, Buyers Products.

Your Source for Comprehensive Tank Truck Services

When it comes to the tanks of your fleet, White Tank has you covered at every angle:

  • Blower Service: We specialize in rebuilding tank blowers and vacuum equipment using genuine Gardner Denver parts. White Tank conducts thorough inspections to pinpoint issues, making precise repairs within the truck’s tolerances. Our dedicated team also mounts fixtures and conducts routine maintenance, ensuring optimal blower performance.
  • Electric Blower Package: White Tank offers expertise when upgrading to a more cost-effective and efficient electric blower package. Our packages utilize air pressure for dry bulk offloading, reducing torque caused by cargo. Trust us for seamless transitions and enhanced performance.
  • Preventative Maintenance: White Tank excels in preventative maintenance, inspecting every truck part, from valves to cargo tanks. Our experts swiftly address leaks, punctures, defects, and inefficiencies, performing efficient repairs to ensure smooth deliveries or pickups.
  • Tank Repairs: For comprehensive welding and tank truck repairs, rely on White Tank. We conduct critical reconstruction inside and outside steel and aluminum tanks, whether transporting dry or liquid bulk.
  • Weights and Measures: Beyond truck services, we handle fuel meters. White Tank conducts annual inspections and repairs for compliance with industry regulations. Our experts travel to airports and bulk plants for on-site repairs, managing electronic programming and fuel storage.
  • Tank Wash: Our Sani-mantic CIP facility offers exterior and internal tank washes for various tanker products. With Kosher-certified professionals, White Tank expedites washes, including two-hour dry time options for quick service.
  • Welding Services: Rely on our ASME-certified welding experts for tank truck repairs. White Tank’s R-Stamp certification ensures precision, safety, and quality standards in welding services, avoiding unnecessary risks and costs.
  • Pneumatic System Maintenance: White Tank is the trusted name for pneumatic system maintenance in St. Louis and surrounding areas. Our attentive experts provide reliable services for blower systems, pneumatic trailers, and pressure tanks, meeting all specifications and tolerances. 

Partner With White Tank & Truck Repair to Access the Extensive of Buyers Products’ Solutions

Partner with White Tank & Truck Repair to unlock the extensive range of cutting-edge solutions from Buyers Products. As your dedicated service provider, we seamlessly integrate Buyers Products’ top-notch offerings, ensuring your trucks are equipped with the best in truck tool boxes, hydraulic systems, PTO driveline controls, and more. Elevate your fleet by reaching out today.

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